Revolutionize Your 
Customer Experience 

Today's customers expect more from their service providers than ever before.

Effective customer engagement elevates the customer experience, lowers the cost to serve, improves the collections process, positively impacts customer behavior, and increases customer satisfaction.

With VertexOne's digital customer engagement solutions, customers gain access to instant information, self-service functions, personalized communication, and actionable insights. All of this is made available online, through the mail, and over the phone.

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Reduce Cost to Serve
Reduce the cost to serve customers and the community with proactive and automated communication, easy-to-use self-service tools, and the digital conversion of customers.
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Save Time and Resources
Give customer service specialists greater access to data and customer information to ensure quicker call resolution times and better availability to handle complex customer issues.
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Engage Customers
Meet customers where they are, via the channel of their choosing, with timely information and personalized recommendations. Build better customer relationships by empowering them with self-service functionality.
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Lower Debt
Reduce debt and enhance the collections process by allowing customers to pay bills 24/7 through various payment methods and channels. Improve participation in assistance programs for vulnerable customers.
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Digital Customer Engagement Benefits

99.9% uptime with self-service features
25% improvement in customer satisfaction
80% engagement reached through omnichannel communication
72M outbound customer emails sent

Customer Connections ebook

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Strengthening Relationships in Utility Customers

To achieve optimal operational efficiency and uphold top-notch service standards across a range of utilities, a higher level of organizational intricacy, strategic foresight, and resource management is essential.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through the diverse customer touchpoints in various utility services. Whether it's addressing dissatisfaction from a hefty bill or establishing seamless omnichannel communication during an outage, it is imperative to have a proactive strategy for every step of your utility customer's journey.

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Embrace a Self-Service Future

Customer support is a growing cost center for many utilities, so reducing your call volumes and improving resolution times is crucial. By deploying modern engagement solutions, you can offer self-service solutions for start-and-stop service, payments, field service requests, high bills, and many other common customer concerns.
Empowering your customers with tools and information allows utilities to decrease time and cost burdens on staff, freeing up resources for high-value activities and making customers happier.

Customer Engagement Blogs

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Streamline Customer Interactions

Creating a memorable, elevated customer experience is about more than picking up the phone. A stellar customer experience means delivering interactions that are both valuable and efficient. To do so, you need to know about your customers and offer answers quickly.

Give your customers and your care team full access to account data, usage information, payment details, and other insights in one location. Integrate engagement with your CIS to make billing and metering data available to agents and customers alike and eliminate duplicate data across systems.

Proactive Utility Communication

Customer Self-Service

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Build Trust with Customers

Increasing customer satisfaction requires utilities to build trust in the community. Along the customer journey, there are many touchpoints you can leverage to build trust:

  • High bills
  • Unplanned service interruptions
  • Start, stop, and transfer service requests

Explore Utility Customer Journey Touchpoints