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Four Pillars of VertexOne For All

The impacts we collectively achieve are measured through these 4 principles:

Do Right by


Promoting putting time and effort towards caring for our individual development and well-being.
Do Right by

Each Other

Working towards expanding and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization.
Do Right by

Our Community

Positively impacting our communities and striving to improve environmental conservation and sustainability.
Do Right by

Our Clients

Ensuring timely delivery of products, top-tier customer support, and security, training, and compliance.

Do Right by Oneself

We believe that encouraging employees to dedicate time towards their physical health, mental health, and financial health and investment allows our company to achieve greater success. When we strive to strike a healthy work-life balance we all can perform at our best.



Do Right by Each Other

We want to provide a work environment where all employees feel comfortable to bring their full authentic selves to work. We aim to achieve this through diversity, equity and inclusivity initiatives including diversity awareness and training programs, a formal DEI council, and the creation of multiple Employee Resource Groups. 



Do Right by Our Community

By supporting conservation and sustainability efforts through our completely virtual work environment and our software aiding in the conservation efforts of water utilities throughout North America. Additionally, by providing the opportunity for employees to volunteer and make an impact within their local communities. 


Do Right by Our Clients

Ensuring our clients are provided with the high quality products and unmatched customer support that they expect. Also ensuring that necessary security, training, and compliance standards are achieved.

Our Impact by the Numbers

Eight Active Employee Resource Groups and DEI initiatives
30+ Billion Gallons of water saved through VertexOne conservation programs
$15,000+ Raised by VertexOne and employees to UNICEF to support Ukrainian children and families
99% Service Level Agreement Performance

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