There's no time like the present to get the CIS of the future.

Discover what's possible with VertexOne cloud-based solutions and expert resources.

Struggling to deliver the kind of modern experience today's customers expect? We can help you get the job done like no one else can. Vertex has 20 years of experience managing cloud-based customer service technology for utilities across North America, helping more than 30 utilities provide superior customer service to nearly 10 million customers. Our sole focus is upgrading utility customers to happier. No matter your utility type or size, you can count on us to help you do more, better.

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Why spend valuable time and energy maintaining an aging CIS, when Vertex can host and manage your technology for you? We’ll keep your system up and running, giving you time to prepare for your next step.
You don’t need to invest in expensive new technology to respond to the changing needs of your customers. VertexOne’s modular, Business Integrated SaaS make it easy to improve your CIS capabilities at a lower cost, using fewer resources.
Is an outdated CIS impacting your utility’s effectiveness, or putting you at risk for a system failure? Upgrading to the VertexOne Cloud CIS gives you Tier 1 technology with the affordability and simplicity of the cloud.