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The Industry's Most Powerful Billing Platform

VXretail supports various billing methods like Dual and Consolidated billing. VXretail has strong support for Utility Bill Ready, Utility Rate Ready and Marketer Bill Ready billing scenarios within the Consolidated billing method. 

Business Intelligence Dashboard
Configurable and scalable route to delivering real-time visual reporting of critical data for customers, partners, and all stakeholders.
Complex Rate Engine
Specialized, one-of-a-kind business module to control proprietary product deliverables from inception, implementation, and billing.
The Energy Industry’s #1 EDI-Integrated Billing/CIS Platform

Our EDI-integrated billing and CIS platform allows organizations to effortlessly run their back office and handle market exceptions, ensuring seamless operations and maximum profitability.

Handling these exceptions requires real-time access to sophisticated, actionable, and transparent data reporting that supports excellent customer service.

An integrated, user-friendly billing and CIS platform is the cornerstone of your utility business. VXretail platform is the most widely implemented solution in the deregulated energy space, allowing efficient integration and a faster time to market.


Additional Modules and Functionality

By using one of our sophisticated billing modules, energy companies have the freedom to get creative in customizable reporting and innovative rates and products offered to end-users.

Customer Management
VXretail has a robust Customer Enrollment, Setup and Management module that enable Clients to organize multiple Service Locations and Meters under one comprehensive Customer record, as well as create Enrollment Templates to expedite Enrollments and Historical Usage requests.
Payable and Receivable
Our powerful Accounts Payable automatically calculates taxes based on jurisdiction and allows viewing of unpaid invoices. A/R Aging Reporting to view Customer’s unpaid amounts and complete payment history broken down by Customer, Charge Types, and Rate Classes.
Security Controls
Our User-Level Security Controls enable Clients to create new System Users and assign them User Types, which regulate their access to system pages and functionalities. They also allow Clients to enable Report-Level security, preventing lower-level Users from accessing confidential information.
MiniSQL Server
Our parallel database can perform unique queries and data analysis outside of the VXretail system, with refresh rates as fast as every 4 hours.
100+ Reports
More than 100 preconfigured with robust filters and data repackaging into PDF or CSV data formats.
Self-Service Portal
Robust 24/7 end-user account access includes bill viewing, usage data, and making payments, all integrated for a seamless portal experience.
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