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For Energy Suppliers


Our EDI-integrated billing and CIS platform allows utilities to effortlessly run their back office and handle market exceptions, ensuring seamless operations and maximum profitability.

Handling these exceptions requires real-time access to sophisticated, actionable, and transparent data reporting that supports excellent customer service.

An integrated, user-friendly billing and CIS platform is the cornerstone of your utility business, and the VXretail platform is the most widely implemented solution in the deregulated energy space.


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For Energy Suppliers

Enhanced Software-as-a-Service Offerings

With VertexOne, you have a choice. You can manage the day-to-day business requirements with our cloud-based VXretail system or take advantage of our enhanced software-as-a-service offering.

With this enhanced solution, you get a fully experienced team to handle operations, billing, and exceptions, allowing you to focus on growth and other priorities.


VXretail Features

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Seamless Operation
Get real-time access to sophisticated, actionable, and transparent data reporting that supports excellent customer service and smooth business operations.
Hosted CIS Platform
VertexOne is the most widely-used billing and CIS provider in the deregulated energy marketplace, with connections to more than 120 natural gas and electric utilities in the U.S.
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Extensive Experience
With more than 30 years of experience, VertexOne's services give clients access to an experienced, knowledgeable team that will help them meet and exceed their goals.

Trusted by Retail Energy Companies Across North America

"We wanted the added efficiency and lower total cost of ownership from a single, integrated billing/CIS and EDI platform. VertexOne provided us with an easy, painless migration path onto their VXretail hosted platform with a superb service team that carefully guided us through every step of the process. VertexOne's exceptional experience in multiple deregulated markets also played an important role in our selection criteria."
Michael Mitchell
President & CEO, CPG Power Holdings LLC