EDI allows you to effectively communicate and process business transaction electronically, and VXexchange is the ideal way to securely exchange information with all the utilities and energy suppliers you work with.

VertexOne allows you to transact with over 120 utilities, giving you nationwide coverage as your business expands across the U.S. deregulated markets. Over 200 retail energy companies trust our functionality to act as the backbone of their successful organizations, making us the #1 provider of EDI transactions for energy organizations.

VXexchange offers you fully hosted and outsourced EDI transaction management services that are ideal for brokerages of all sizes - from lean start-ups to organizations with established operations. A direct data connection to your served utilities allows you to view customer historical usage data and capacity tags, including interval-level data. Your organization can skip data collection from tedious utility portals, energy suppliers, or customer logins with a direct connection to your served utilities. 

VXexchange helps you expedite your sales processes, eliminate manual entry, and reconcile commission payments with suppliers, while providing you key data points to effectively manage your customers.


As a demand response aggregator, you need customer data like never before. The EDI functionality of VXexchange brings you detailed historical utility data, including over twelve months of customer usage data.



VertexOne can provide end-to-end and real-time management of existing EDI transaction processes using VXexchange. You can use our solutions to optimize EDI workflows and expedite trading partner testing and certification, and consulting services.

Through our hosted EDI to flat-file translation services, you can connect your ERP, billing, and other operations support systems with those of your trading partners, to automate sending and receiving of data files.


A direct connection to utilities can help your organization to assess solar projects and make the most of your investments. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gives your team the ability to understand customer electric usage data and capacity tags to effectively make smarter business decisions. 

VXexchange helps you speed up project timelines and provide key data points to manage your investments before and after they are put into action.


VXexchange Support

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Seamless Operation
Get real-time access to sophisticated, actionable, and transparent data reporting that supports excellent customer service and smooth business operations.
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Hosted EDI Transactions
Get the help your business needs by allowing VertexOne to manage your EDI transactions. As the most widely-used EDI provider in the deregulated energy market, VertexOne has the experience and connections you need for success.
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Extensive Experience
Capitalize on our more than 30 years of experience to give you the access and knowledge you need to meet and exceed your goals.

Beyond Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Leverage our expertise in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for comprehensive, outsourced transaction management. Our industry-leading team is dedicated to streamlining your operations, helping you focus on growth and customer acquisition. Benefit from our integrated back-office solution, designed to swiftly open new markets, onboard customers, and initiate billing with the support of our seasoned professionals.

Who We Serve

Trusted by Retail Energy Companies Across North America

IronHorse Power

"As we evaluated technology options, we prioritized a stable and proven platform that seamlessly handled the complex Texas regulatory requirements and offered robust EDI testing expertise to shorten our go-to-market strategy. In VertexOne, we found a partner that not only embodies those qualities through their VXexchange solution but also continues to push the envelope on technology innovation in the retail sector."
David Garcia, COO