VXpay Integrations

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Simplified Redirect
If you are satisfied with your existing payment provider, VXpay can easily redirect users directly to your existing payment interfaces.
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Single Sign-On
To increase electronic payment adoption with existing payment systems, VXpay will implement SSO to allow customers to have a single set of credentials.
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Embedded Payments
For a full-features, integrated payment experience, VXpay delivers an embedded payment interface directly within the customer platform.


Success Story: Billings, Montana

Empowering Customers with Data Insights and a Cohesive Customer Experience

In addition, the number one driver for inbound customer calls and issues continues center around bills and payment concerns, so Billings desired a platform with self-service solutions to help resolve these common customer issues online.

Billings is now proud to provide a single place for customers to see consumption, check and resolve leaks, receive targeted messages, and analyze their current and historical bills.

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A single point of contact.

A utility's and energy supplier's bill production, printing, and payment collection often involve numerous vendors. This not only leads to inefficiencies for the utility provider, but may also result in an inconsistent customer experience for those needing to receive and pay bills.

VertexOne offers a single point of contact for all bill production, payment processing, and customer web or mobile self-service.

Because we manage the entire process, we can guarantee consistency for customers and customer support specialists, leading to higher adoption of customer-focused technologies and, ultimately, higher payment rates.


Allow payment processing through varied channels.

VXpay gives your customers access to numerous payment card industry-compliant payment options—traditional lockbox, credit and debit card drafts, e-wallet support, text to pay, retail kiosks, and more. 



Lower your cost-to-serve with adoption.

VertexOne started with Banner and Enlogix more than 20 years ago. Since then, we have added more than 400 features and performance upgrades.

Our expert team provides customers with Customer Suite features such as paperless billing options, auto-pay capabilities, and an array of payment plans to encourage consistent customer payment behavior.

Utility Payments Guide:

More than a Utility Billing System: How a Customer Information System Can Excel

Modern integrations and customer expectations have redefined the role a customer information system (CIS) needs to play for a utility. Like every industry, utilities have seen rapid technological advancements influence user expectations, both internal and external. 

There are many places online to find information about CIS features that support utilities, but this is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about utility billing systems.

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