Utility Overview

The South Tahoe Public Utility District (STPUD) provides reliable and safe water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment for 14,000 water customer accounts and 18,000 wastewater accounts. The District is located next to the pristine Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains known for nearby ski resorts and beaches.


The Challenge

In 2010, the District embarked upon an extensive water meter installation project requiring the installation of meters on more than 80% of the District water service connections. In 2016, the District applied for and received WaterSMART Drought Resistance Funding from the Bureau of Reclamation for the installation of an automated meter infrastructure (AMI) system. AMI allows both District staff and water customers to have access to “real-time” water use data. The District had great vision for the benefits this real-time data could provide.

The Solution

The District began a hunt for a solution that would turn real-time water data into actionable insights for customers and staff. The VXsmart customer engagement and data analytics platform provided a helpful solution for the District. Unlike the utility’s current manual process, the WaterSmart (now VXsmart) platform would detects and alerts customers to notify of potential high volume or continuous use leaks automatically.


Download the STPUD Case Study



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