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Key Features and Functionality

Our CIS software brings users ease and flexibility with increased operational efficiency, improved customer support, and safely stored personal customer data. 

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Quick reference panel with 40+ data fields for speedy resolution

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End-to-end lien management and bankrupty processing

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Configurable payment allocation based on business rules

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Open system accounting enables easier aging & allocation review

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Automated contact categorization based on CSR actions

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Expansive landlord and summary billing functionality

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Flexibility to add custom exceptions without development

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Efficient service order prioritization and processing

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Integrated work management queues

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Powerful debt management functionality

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Configurable outcomes for exception resolution

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Comprehensive bill rating engine

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A Technology Roadmap for Reaching Your Utility’s Customer Experience Goals

Every utility out there has a unique path in its journey to provide the ultimate in customer experiences, and each is at a different stage in that journey. Yours is no different.

But because it can be a long journey, you can’t just think about what changes you need to make today. Your plan needs to be flexible, to adjust to changing times, to new technologies, new capabilities, and new expectations—so you can react quickly to better meet your customers’ needs.

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Expansive Capabilities for Utilities