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Meter data management you can trust

There has been a significant surge in smart metering and the implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) across utilities in recent years. With this important investment comes a vast amount of interval data, which requires the adequate solutions to store and manage. 

VXmeter empowers staff with a reliable data storage platform, the ability to view and work meter reading exceptions and events, and deep integration with lateral technology solutions such as the customer information system and customer engagement solutions.

Key Features

VXmeter empowers back-office staff with rich functionality and assures accurate billing and revenue reliability.

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Deep Storage
Historical data plays a critical role in validating current reads and conducting advanced analytics. Store an unlimited amount of interval reads; 7 years is typical.
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Meter Agnostic
For the best system, many utilities opt to implement a variety of meter brands and styles. Your organization requires a platform that can interface with all systems and be agnostic.
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Reliable Billing
Process interval data and aggregate reads into consumption calculations for all accounts. Convert these calculations into accurate bills with any level of rate complexity.
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Data Transparency
Offer data transparency for customers and utility staff across a variety of intervals and date ranges (hourly, daily, monthly, and custom date ranges).
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Regular Updates
Rely on the transfer and upload of interval meter reads from the meter head-end system on a regular basis via API or batch file transfer.
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Data Accuracy
Maintain meter data accuracy with a system that can support validation, estimation, and editing of meter reads to reduce billing errors.