How We Got Here

VertexOne For All, Our Values

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Do Right by Oneself

We believe that encouraging dedication and investment of time towards physical, mental, and financial health allows both our employees and our company to achieve greater success.

Striving for a healthy work-life balance allows us all to perform at our best.


Do Right by Each Other

We aim to achieve this by creating an environment that promotes dignity and respect with open communication, supporting diversity, and inclusivity initiatives, and equitable opportunity.

VertexOne embodies mindfulness to create trust and intimacy within the organization with integrity, concern, and support.


Do Right by Our Clients

VertexOne empowers our clients to Do Right by their customers with innovative products and services that enable a sole source of the tools, applications, and services they need to deliver on their customer’s expectations and needs.

VertexOne strives to listen and learn from our clients to deliver on their visions of a seamless community service to the public and their desires to Do Right by their community, themselves, and their employees.


Do Right by Our Community

Our goal is to lead by example, demonstrating conservation and sustainability efforts via our completely virtual work environment, our products and services aiding in the conservation efforts of water, electric, and gas companies throughout North America.

We encourage our employees to donate or volunteer within their local communities to make an impact.

VertexOne Leadership Team

9 Andrew VEB_1507-v2

Andrew Jornod

33 Elizabeth VEB_0808-v2

Elizabeth Reed

16 Bobby VEB_1218-v2

Bobby Batson

18 Chancai VEB_0630-v2

Chaidan Lekchaum

SVP of Product Deployment
13 Bill VEB_1105-v2

Bill Mareburger

SVP of Product Strategy
32 Ed VEB_1543-v2

Ed Solar

Chief Growth Officer
68 Paige VEB_1596-v2

Paige Besson

SVP of Marketing
44 John VEB_1061-v2

John Herron

SVP of Business Development
20 Charles VEB_0942-v2

Charles Saleh

VP of Regional Sales

VertexOne Leadership Team

Andrew, Leadership Photo, VertexOne

Andrew Jornod


Keith Foerster


Tina Santizo

Chaidan, Leadership Photo, VertexOne

Chaidan Lekchaum


Paige Besson

Ed Solar, Leadership Photo, VertexOne

Ed Solar

Chief Growth Officer
Elizabeth, Leadership Photo, VertexOne

Elizabeth Reed


Rajat Bahadur

GM, VertexOne India

Jose Castillo

SVP, Development
3 Ananda EB_0470-v2

Ananda Goswami

SVP, VertexOne Retail
John Herron, Leadership Photo, VertexOne

John Herron

SVP, Business Development

Carlos Pullum

VP, Contracts Management
Charles Saleh, Leadership Photo, VertexOne

Charles Saleh

SVP, Regional Sales

Andreya Shaak

SVP, Product Strategy

Jason Stein

Senior Vice President of Information Technology

Dean Sadites

SVP, Architecture
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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the digital economy through unequalled customer experience for a sustainable energy and utility industry.

We help our clients connect to their customers, reduce risk, and maximize value through improved customer operations and processes that covers the customer-to-cash process.

Our company culture focuses on innovation, personal and professional development, and going above and beyond for each utility provider. 


Our People

Our people are our greatest assets. As such, we listen to what our employees have to say and find ways to incorporate their ideas into the company.  Whether it’s new technology, career development, or fun events, we find unique ways to keep our employees engaged and incentivized to stay.

Our employees' well-being—both physical and mental—is a top priority at VertexOne. That's why we foster a flexible environment and encourage work-life balance to reduce fatigue, burnout, and stress and increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the business.



Our Partners

The utility and energy retail industries are complex, and a single business can't provide all the services a utility provider or energy retailer needs. 

It's no secret that each retailer or utility has different customers and varying growth projections, and each is at a different stage of its customer experience journey.

To offer precisely what you need, we proudly partner with some of the best and brightest companies in the industry. By identifying and developing the right strategic partnerships, we pride ourselves on adding value to our joint customers.

The result? Our clients receive greater benefits, lower costs, and better outcomes, guaranteed. 


Where We Are

VertexOne Leadership Team

Andrew Jornod, CEO

Andrew Jornod

CEO and President
Keith Foerster, CFO

Keith Foerster

Bobby Batson, COO

Bobby Batson

Ed Solar, CSO

Ed Solar

Elizabeth Reed, Chief HR Officer

Elizabeth Reed

Chief HR Officer
Mark Carde, CIO

Mark Carde

Bill Mareburger, VP of Product Strategy

Bill Mareburger

SVP of Product Strategy
PBesson headshot color

Paige Besson

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Rajat Bahadur, GM of VertexOne India

Rajat Bahadur

GM of VertexOne India
Audra Leigh Braden, Outside General Counsel

Audra Leigh Braden

Outside General Counsel

Dean Sadites

SVP of Product Development & Innovation
Tina Santizo1393 full resolution

Tina Santizo

SVP of Client Success

Ananda Goswami SVP of VertexOne Retail

SVP of VertexOne Retail

Board of Directors


Keith Pennell, Chairman of the Board

Keith Pennell

Chairman of the Board [Managing Partner of DFW Capital]
Andrew Jornod, Board Director, Vice-Chair

Andrew Jornod

Board Director, Vice-Chair [President & CEO, VertexOne]
Douglas Gilbert, Board Director

Douglas Gilbert

Board Director [Partner, DFW Capital Partners]
Ke Ding, Board Director

Ke Ding

Board Director [Vice President, DFW Capital]
Brad Almond, Board Member

Brad Almond

Board Member [Independent Investor and Consultant]
Todd Crandall, Board Director

Todd Crandall

Board Director [Independent Industry Advisor]