At VertexOne, helping utilities provide the best customer service experience is what we do. It’s been in the DNA of the company, but also in all our people, too, since we started supporting utilities’ customer experience needs over 20 years ago. And that commitment continues to this day.




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It’s not enough to provide world-class systems for a utility’s support, sales, and marketing team to do their jobs more efficiently. From internal CIS to customer-facing self-service capabilities and everything in between, we’re committed to providing the best customer experience possible both for utilities and their customers.

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We don’t follow the leader. When it comes to delivering on our commitments, we believe the way to leapfrog the competition in speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality is to encourage and reward innovation. That’s why the VertexOne team is full of experienced utility and technology experts, but also of free-thinkers.

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At VertexOne, we strive for a certain level of success to meet the requirements of our customers by creating products and services that meet a certain standard. The only way to meet and beat our customers’ expectations is to strive for excellence by creating a high performing culture where we are committed to doing our very best.

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Our people are our greatest assets.  As such, we listen to what our employees have to say and find ways to incorporate their ideas into the company.  Whether it’s new technology, career development, or fun events, we find unique ways to keep our employees engaged and incentivized to stay.

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The overall physical and mental well-being of our employees is a top priority at VertexOne. That is why we seek to foster an environment that is flexible enough to create work-life balance in order to reduce fatigue, burnout and stress and increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the business.

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