Utility Overview

The City of Billings, MT is the largest city in the state of Montana Billings provides reliable and safe water distribution, wastewater collectionnn and treatment, and garbage collection to its population of 110,000 people. Billings is located in the fertile valley of the Yellowstone River and surrounded by scenic mountain ranges. Billings partnered with VertexOne WaterSmart™ and Invoice Cloud to achieve a seamless customer experience and significant improvements in operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Customer expectations have continued to evolve over the years, and as a progressive utility, Billings was determined to keep pace and deliver a high-quality customer experience to the community. As part of this dedication, Billings implemented a first attempt at an online payment platform. While this solution checked the box, it was severely limited in its functionality. Not only was the information presented within the platform focused solely on bills, the options for online bill-pay were low level and on top of it all, the platform was cumbersome and challenging to use.

Billings is not unique in serving a wide-range of customers: some more digital or tech savvy and others expecting more traditional solutions. Unfortunately, across-the-board customers were displeased with the existing experience. Customers need an easy way to pay their utility bill online, just like they have been paying bills for phone, cable, and other services for years. Given that the number one driver for inbound customer calls and issues continues center around bills and payment concerns, Billings desired a platform with self-service solutions to help resolve these common customer issues online.

The City of Billings team clearly identified goals for their investment:

  • Increase adoption of digital engagement and payment channels
  • Reduce the number of payment-related issues and complaints
  • Improve operational efficiency and customer service productivity


The Solution

The VertexOne WaterSmart™ customer engagement and data analytics platform offers a powerful solution to Billings. The Customer Self-Service Portal, available to all customers through a mobile and web application interface, provides a single place for customers to see consumption, check and resolve leaks, receive targeted messages, and analyze their current and historical bills.


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