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Meter-to-Cash and Business Optimization

An effective meter-to-cash process allows utilities to accurately measure user consumption, generate and distribute bills, collect timely customer payments, and achieve reliable revenue recognition. 

With VertexOne's set of solutions, utilities can increase revenue generation and avoid lost revenue or dissatisfied customers.

Precise Consumption Tracking
Get accurate gas, electric, and water consumption monitoring and management for residences and businesses.
Error-Free Billing
Enjoy billing that's free of errors and unnecessary charges. Reduce service-related billing mistakes or incorrect meter readings.
More Payment Options
Allow customers to make and schedule payments when and how it's most convenient for them with convenient, user-friendly payment channels.
Faster Billing
Send real-time billing updates to keep customers informed. Multichannel bill generation and delivery allow for communication through emails, text messages, user portals, and more.

We help utilities improve their bottom line.

40% of customers reported being able to self-resolve their leak without calling or emailing their utility​
80% customer engagement reached by utilizing multiple communication channels, including voice, email, and print
20% of customers who received a print letter registered for the portal, improving email and mobile device capture
10 hours of staff time were saved each week by implementing automated processes
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Solve billing issues with meter-to-cash.

Generally, the only time customers communicate with their water utility or energy provider is when they have a complaint or issue. 

Billing mistakes happen, and when problems arise, your response time matters.

That's why customer support specialists need quick access to user account data when answering time-sensitive billing questions. 

An effective meter-to-cash solution not only helps utilities track usage more accurately, but also helps customers better understand their bills, making them more likely to pay on time.

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Optimize the meter-to-cash process.

An effective meter-to-cash process must be based on flow demand and the area served by a utility.

A capable customer information system (CIS) is a crucial aspect of an effective meter-to-cash process. This CIS must be convenient, easy to learn, and accessible to customers, with the ability to handle complex rate structures and payment programs. 

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Implement CIS billing as part of the meter-to-cash process.

A modern CIS billing solution is an integral part of the meter-to-cash process. It should have the ability to: 

  • Track and manage large volumes of data generated by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).
  • Derive insights from data and recognize the need for necessary adaptations or changes. 
  • Respond to new mandates and local compliance requirements.
  • Design and implement effective business models for revenue security and the ever-changing difficulties of the grid.
  • Allow integration with software or hardware platforms developed around distributed energy resources.
  • Provide self-service to customers using online portals, automatic payments, and more.  
  • Provide customer service representatives with updated, accurate information about customer accounts.

Success Story: Bullhead City, Arizona

Optimizing Billing Processes and Ensuring Community Trust while Transferring Ownership of Utility Services

Following a $130 million bond approval, Bullhead City took over water and wastewater services for 21,000+ customers.

Given the City's unique situation, selecting a CIS with a frictionless transition for customers and minimally burdensome evolution for City staff was critical.

Bullhead City turned to VertexOne for a suite of modern solutions allowing the City to bring their operational systems up-to-date and increase customer satisfaction while minimizing service interruptions. 

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