VXengage Utility Customer Engagement

Empower the customers you serve with a fully hosted, managed, scalable, and secure web and mobile self-service platform compatible with any metering system or customer information system (CIS).  

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VXsmart Software
Layer actionable insights from AMI consumption data, home utility reports, conservation features and cost saving recommendations.
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VXpay Software
Single point of contact for all bill production, payment processing, and customer web or mobile self-service.
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Benefits of Digital Customer Engagement

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Lower Cost to Serve
Adopting online and mobile self-service features leads to fewer calls to your customer care, billing, and field service technicians.
Reduce Late Payments
By allowing 24/7 payments through numerous channels, real-time notifications, and easy ways to view and pay invoices, utilities can reduce bad debt and the need for collections.
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Increase Satisfaction
Provide your customers access to current and previous consumption usage, financial data, and more so they can better manage their own costs.
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VXengage Features

Built specifically for utility and energy providers, VXengage helps: 

  • Lower the cost to serve by providing multiple self-service features that ultimately reduce call volumes and enhance payment processing.
  • Eliminate bad debt and improve the collections process by allowing customers to view and pay bills at any time using various methods and channels.
  • Encourage communication with customers through targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics and account information. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction and self-service adoption by providing detailed consumption data, financial information, helpful hints, and more. 

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VXengage FAQs

What are the main features of VXengage?

VXengage helps utilities lower the cost to serve, improve collections, impact desired customer behavior, and increase customer satisfaction and self-service adoption. It also manages customer communications, notifications, and documentation.

What makes VXengage different from other software on the market?  

VXengage is a fully hosted and managed, scalable, and secure solution that integrates with many CIS systems. It provides customers with

  • Easy-to-use self-service functions that are simple to adopt, reducing traditional call volumes, and mail and payment processing—which lowers costs.
  • Several different payment channels and methods, letting them view and pay bills 24/7, which reduces bad debt and improves collections.
  • Relevant, targeted marketing based on account information on every page, which encourages bill payment
  • More information than what they get from traditional channels, like detailed consumption data, financial data, helpful hints, and more—all helping to improve customer satisfaction


Omnichannel Communication

Reach your customers how they want and allow them to opt in or out of communications to improve your customer service.

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Reach Customers Fast
Contact customers immediately when service disruptions or outages occur.
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Empower Customers
Give customers the ability to opt in or out of communications.
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Track Essential Details
Manage the details of each customer interaction.
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Build Relationships
Improve interactions and communications with customers.
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Keep Customers Informed
Trigger event-based notifications to target customers at the right time.
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Prevent Future Issues
Give customer support staff more time to solve complex issues.

Meter Moments - Customer Touchpoint Communication Guide

Give your customers access to account data, billing/usage information, notification preferences, and other insights in one location. Allow utility staff the tools to view data-driven insight and proactively manage customer outreach for targeted strategies.

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