VXenterprise Benefits

Time 1
Faster Issue Resolution
Reduce call volume, spend fewer resources on problem-solving, and solve customer problems quickly and seamlessly.
Finance 2
Fewer Billing Errors
Use automated smart meters to obtain more accurate meter readings and ensure correct billing each and every time.
Better Customer Support
Boost customer satisfaction with an easy-to-use self-service portal, real-time service updates, customized communications, and more.
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More Preference Options
Communicate with customers when and how they want. Let them set their preferences to what suits their unique needs best.
Team Focus
Enhanced Personalization
Store and retrieve past interactions, complaints, and service issues to provide the best possible experience for each customer.

How does VXenterprise work? 

VXenterprise leverages the industry-leading SAP S/4HANA for municipal utilities and investor-owned utilities.

Designed to work with existing SAP solutions and any other third-party systems, VXenterprise can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.


Get future-proof and scalable CIS.

Moving a utility's IT infrastructure and applications to a fully hosted and managed cloud-based model offers many advantages, including flexibility, scalability, reliability, and predictability. 

Cloud storage also alleviates the need for hardware maintenance and digital security, giving full responsibility to the provider.


How does VertexOne support you? 

Most solution providers don’t understand and can't predict what utilities need in a CIS. Over the past 30 years, VertexOne has developed deep expertise, best practices, and prescriptive processes to guide utilities on their path to business optimization.

Success Story: Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) CIS Replacement Project

Today, GRU proudly showcases flawless integration with other applications, thanks to an innovative solution that keeps the utility up-to-date and maximizes new features.

Discover the full story that won GRU the 2024 CS Week CIS Award.

Email Yourself the GRU Case Study


Celebrating Efficiency_  Measurable Improvements  in Customer Service and Productivity Achieved during  CIS Replacement Project

Service and Support Features

VXenterprise helps utilities stay ahead of the curve when powering the ultimate meter-to-cash process. With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, utility providers get a future-proof CIS solution and a choice in which updates roll out without major re-implementation projects.

Cloud 15
Purpose-Built For Utilities
We provide a full-featured, customizable cloud CIS purpose-built for utilities, including business processes to optimize operational workflows.
Cloud 3
The Power of the Cloud
Our cloud-based solution allows utilities to focus on serving their customers, leaving security, server updates, and software maintenance to VertexOne.
Cloud 7
Future-Proof Your CIS
Updating a utility's customer information system is a quick, easy process. Get long-term technical currency at a predictable cost with VertexOne Complete™.
Cloud 2
Supported by SAP
Speed and capacity limitations are concerns of the past. Built on a powerful SAP S/4HANA in-memory database, VXenterprise helps utilities scale to meet consumer needs.

Trusted by Utilities Across North America

Cloud CIS FAQs

What is a SAP CIS? 

A customer information system (CIS) powered by SAP is created especially for the utility industry, including water, electricity, waste disposal, and more.

This system helps carry out system integrations, meter data management, billing, invoicing, customer service, accounting, customer relationship management, customer information, and more.

What is CIS cloud?  

CIS cloud uses a cloud-based network that stores, categorizes, and caches sensitive customer information system data, providing greater resilience and security for both customers and the utility.

What is a SAP utility program?  

A SAP utility program is a sales and information billing system that tracks and supports services provided by utilities and waste disposal organizations. This program can oversee and bill commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

How does VXenterprise differ from other CIS software? 

VXenterprise leverages SAP S/4HANA and provides advanced customer experience solutions for electric, gas, and water services to municipal and investor-owned utilities. A cloud CIS allows utilities to scale with their customer base while ensuring software maintenance and security. VertexOne offers future-proof CIS capabilities with customizable updates and upgrades.

Which utilities are the best candidates for VXenterprise?  

Utilities that want to improve their billing, customer support, meter reading, and ROI are ideal candidates for VertexOne CIS software.