VertexOne Mobile Workforce Management

VertexOne Mobile Workforce Management is both a standalone solution and one that integrates with your CIS, connecting your dispatchers with field technicians to centralize work management and optimize scheduling of work assignments, while putting customer info, work orders, and analytics right in your field workers’ hands.

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Need to optimize your field service teams and jobs?

Coordinating field services for utilities is an expensive and often inefficient affair. VertexOne Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) automates the old paper-based systems, improving the efficiency of dispatch. This ensures field techs have the exact information they need, when they need it, thereby reducing rework and overtime. And when integrated with your CIS, it means better data quality to and from the field, better billing, and better overall customer satisfaction.

How? Our dispatcher dashboard lets dispatchers queue up service requests, transferring all pertinent information to remove any ambiguities. The work optimization engine then assigns each job to the best technician, showing both dispatch and the field techs the current job and what’s coming next. Then the field worker uses a handheld application to update the status of the job using structured forms and note capture, which pushes the information back to dispatchers and the CIS in real time.

All these capabilities work together to let the utility, the field tech, and the customer collaborate on their service calls, meaning greater efficiencies and cost savings for your utility and higher satisfaction for your customers.


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Efficiency And Cost Savings

Your dispatchers automatically know who is available for the next job and where each technician is located in the field, so they can inform each one what’s next. Besides reducing unnecessary multiple visits and rework, VertexOne MWM results in mileage and inventory savings.

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Even More Powerful When Integrated

As a standalone solution, VertexOne MWM lowers costs by eliminating paper-based tickets. But when integrated with your CIS, it eliminates duplicate data entry while ensuring customer support, dispatch and field techs all have the latest information.

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Templatize And Automate Customer Communications

Dispatch alerts and customer notifications. Integration with navigation and GPS solutions. Calendar, voice, audio, and mobile camera integration. Even interfaces with timesheet and inventory management—and so much more.

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Archive/Retrieve Most Any Communication

Information shared is a powerful thing. When everyone is on the same page, no one is surprised. That means scheduling is more effective, and all parties stay up-to-date on the current status of current job assignments.


Work Automatically Assigned VertexOne customers report a dispatcher-to-technician ration improvement of up to 4 times due to automated job assignments.

Up to 50%

Reduction in Overtime By eliminating unnecessary multiple visits and reworks, there’s less need to keep technicians on the clock after hours—plus work order resolution times are reduced.


Increase in On-Time Arrivals More efficient scheduling, on-time arrivals and keeping customers better informed all mean customer satisfaction with their utility providers is on the rise.