In this final installment of our series on the benefits of moving a CIS to the cloud, we’ll explore flexibility. Not only can a cloud platform be ready to use quickly, but it is also easy to expand and update as a utility’s needs change. That makes updates much more manageable than in traditional platforms.

When utilities start using a cloud-based CIS, they have available to them all of the advanced features that come with that system. And while there are likely elements and features that certain companies may not need right from the start, they will have the option of easily adding those in the future. So as the utility grows and the needs of the company and its customers change, the utility can add features and capabilities without having to endure expensive upgrades.

The cloud-based software provides all the bells and whistles — or at least the ones a utility wants and needs — right from the start. As new features are developed or a utility’s needs change, it’s a straightforward process to add them to the utility’s account through the cloud. In a traditional system, changes would have to be implemented in additional configurations or new hardware.

Choosing the Cloud

A modern CIS with multichannel capabilities allows customers to interact with their utilities in the method they want.  But more than that, it provides visibility into those customer interactions. Most utilities interact with their customers the same way they did decades ago. The utility sends a bill, and the customer sends a check. If there’s a problem then the customer picks up the phone. It’s an antiquated system; and customers are asking for more.

There are clear advantages to offering a better customer experience. But for mid-size utilities, those advantages can come with steep costs unless they are ready to explore other options. A cloud-based CIS with proven customer experience processes built in can give mid-size utilities the benefits of both a hosted and managed system. With it they can build the self-service, multichannel and customized experience their customers went and at the same time reduce costs.

The business world is quickly moving to the cloud. The benefits are too great to ignore: the more predictable cost structure, the speed of installation, the ease of expansion and the enhanced customer service.

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