When rolling out Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), utilities need to craft a communication strategy that takes into account customers' values and behaviors. Drawing from insights in behavioral science can assist in devising effective tactics to boost awareness and underscore the public services' value offered by utilities.Thumbnail - The Importance of Public Engagement Campaigns  for the Success of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

These initiatives have incorporated elements of the behavioral models outlined in the initial section of the white paper. Varying levels of public engagement have led to diverse outcomes, with each initiative currently progressing through different stages of implementation, providing readers with a peek into the results achieved at each phase.

Data suggests that utilities embracing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) can see a positive return on investment if implemented efficiently. Challenges include enhancing customer engagement and handling public resistance. Key factors for success include strategic communication and empowering customers with data. To smoothly integrate AMI, early involvement of the public and gathering customer feedback are crucial. Utilities striving for a favorable ROI should incorporate communication strategies within a realistic budget.

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  • Persuasive Communication: Encouraging social norms prompts change, gains community support.
  • Targeting & Personalization: AMI systems track trends, segment customers, identify habits.
  •  Timing Considerations: Early education pre-AMI reduces customer fatigue, boosts utility sentiment.
  • Consistent Engagement: Reminders, alerts boost tech adoption, drive consumption cuts.

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Lessons Learned by Fort Collins

Fort Collins Utilities implemented Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to enhance customer satisfaction and promote water conservation during droughts. The "Monitor My Use" platform allows customers to track water and electricity usage hourly.

Features like bill alerts and high-usage notifications improve customer engagement. AMI data helped evaluate conservation programs and led to significant water savings. Future plans include expanding data-driven initiatives to enhance sustainable water practices.