In a post-pandemic world, the utility industry has been forced to dramatically accelerate digital transformation. Customers expect faster resolution, access to a range of digital channels, personalized and relevant communications, and programs to help navigate the challenges of today. 

Concurrently, utility operations must be able to maintain critical billing and collections processes, optimize technology investments, and apply actionable insights from an increasing volume of AMI and AMR data. 



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Webinar Takeaways: 

  • Prioritizing key areas of customer engagement that boosts customer satisfaction while reducing costs
  • Maximizing customer engagement through proactive communication and personal insight 
  • Improving operational efficiency with end-to-end systems integration, predictive analytics, and automation 


  • Scott Johnson - Vice President, Chartwell, Inc. 


  • Chirag Shah - Director, Product Management & Strategy, VertexOne
  • Julie Becker - Director, Customer Experience & Support, NorthWestern Energy
  • Lori St. Aubin - Director of Customer Care, NorthWestern Energy

VertexOne’s re-named product portfolio echoes the company’s long-standing mission to enhance the customer experience. Therefore, products mentioned in this webinar may not reflect our current portfolio names. Click the link to learn more about our product renaming and restructure.