Main themes: 

1. Balancing the cash to debt scales require organizations to consider compliance restrictions, financial targets, and cash optimization.
2. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides new opportunities for utilities of all sizes, but because there's limited funding, capital efficiency is critical. 
3. Small periodic increases to adjust rates is only successful with an accurate understanding of days cash on hand, debt coverage ratios, and rate of return. 



Sarah Brody is an Associate Partner in the Washington D.C. office and a leader in McKinsey’s utilities and Capital Excellence practices, where she serves clients in the energy, water, and waste sectors on sustainability strategy and capital planning, working with infrastructure owners and investors to scan the market for investment opportunities, develop strategies for public-private partnerships, and optimize utilities. 

Sarah Frey is a Director in PFM Financial Advisor LLC’s Arlington, Virginia office. Since 2002, she provides financial advisory services to clients primarily in Virginia. She assists many water and/or sewer utilities and local governments in financial planning and the execution of bond transactions and loans. Sarah also focuses on helping clients strengthen their financial resilience. She has provided analytical and technical support for debt issuances totaling over $16 billion, with a variety of credit structures. Sarah teaches classes through the Virginia Government Finance Officers Association on Debt Management in Virginia.

Dawn Lund is Vice-President of Utility Financial Solutions, LLC and has over 25 years of experience in financial analysis for utility systems. She is a consultant that provides financial assessment, cost of service studies and financial plans for Utilities throughout the country, Canada, Guam and the Caribbean. She teaches financial planning courses for American Public Power Association (APPA) as well as other agencies across the nation.  She is a regularly requested speaker for associations across the country on a variety of utility financial topics.

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