Utilities are not just service providers; innovative utilities are also technology leaders. Whether on the customer-facing team or working directly with data models, your technology needs to improve the organization’s efficiency. When was the last time you measured the success of your technology systems?

The future value propositions of utilities will be defined as much by technology capabilities as well as by business strategy. Join the conversation to learn key metrics to evaluate your technical stack and gain insights on when to update your systems.


What success has EPCOR USA seen as a result of their upgrade efforts?

  • Decreased Call Volumes by 18%
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction to 95%
  • Increased Paperless Billing by 300%
  • Reduction in Postage and Printing by 20%


  • Sarah Skaggs -Director of Customer Operations, EPCOR USA
  • Bobby Batson - Chief Operations Officer, VertexOne


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