Webinar - Behavioral Science LP HeaderTraditional methods often don't meet the mark when it comes to lowering your utility usage targets. Now, picture utilizing the dynamic field of behavioral science to bring about significant decreases in how much your customers use.

Leverage Behavioral Science for Significant Consumption Reduction

  • Explore the influence of social norms: Understand how harnessing the power of collective behavior can inspire your customers to make meaningful cuts in water and energy use.

  • Dive into psychological insights: Unearth how the principles of psychology, such as effective framing and subtle nudges, can enhance the efficiency of water usage.

  • Success stories from Las Virgenes MWD, CA: Witness firsthand accounts of how behavioral science can be a game-changer in the realm of water conservation.

This webinar is for teams looking to see real change and deploy significant initiatives using behavioral science for both conservation and energy use reduction.

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Speaker and Moderator Biographies

Ursula Bosson, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) 

Ursula Bosson, a native Texan, now calls California her true home. Her career in water began in 2006 and is what brought her to California in 2013. Ursula worked for the City of Santa Barbara before joining Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) in 2019. Ursula holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a M.S. in Strategic Communications. Ursula loves her role as customer service manager for the district as it allows her to meet and speak with people who live in the district’s service area. Ursula enjoys educating residents on their water use, conservation principles, budget billing, and programs the district offers to assist customers.

Matt Finkle, VertexOne Speaker 

Matt Finkle serves as a Business Development Executive at VertexOne, primarily overseeing enterprise accounts for the western two thirds of North America. Prior to overseeing business development for VertexOne's meter to cash solutions, Matt led product management and client success for VertexOne's Digital Suite. This experience implementing, supporting, and evolving VertexOne's industry-leading customer self-service tools provided a valuable foundation to advise interested utilities in best-in-class software systems. Prior joining the VertexOne team, Matt received his Bachelor of Science from University of California Davis where he studied Environmental Policy and Water Management.



Jessica Henderson, VertexOne Moderator 

Jessica Henderson joined Vertex One in May 2023 as a Client Success Manager, bringing with her over 14 years of experience in the utility industry. Her journey in the industry began with hands-on work installing meters and radios in the field, where she developed a deep understanding of utility operations. Jessica then transitioned into an administrative role, where she became instrumental in driving innovation within her organization. Notably, she played a pivotal role in implementing the AMI system, and the customer portal, revolutionizing how customers interacted with utility services. Throughout her career, Jessica has achieved significant milestones and garnered recognition for her achievements. She was selected as a speaker for CS Weekly, where she shared insights on the successful implementation of leak abatement programs she spearheaded. Her expertise and accomplishments were highlighted in a WaterSmart case study, showcasing her ability to deliver tangible results, including substantial cost savings and improved leak detection and resolution processes. Jessica's dedication to driving innovation and delivering results make her a valuable asset and her proven track record in the utility sector positions her as a trusted leader in the industry.