VertexOne Customer
Engagement Software for Utilities

VertexOne Customer Engagement for Utilities is designed to help utilities lower cost to serve their customers, improve collections, influence desired customer behavior, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and self-service adoption. It also manages customer communications, notification templates, and document archiving.

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Lower Cost-to-Serve


Save Staff Time


Engage Customers
Reduce the cost to serve with automated communications, self-service tools, and the digital conversion of customers. Improve efficiency and make your life easier with digitization and the automation of previously manual, error prone tasks. Increase customer satisfaction with improved quality of service and greater public understanding of the value of water.

Need the latest customer self-service and communications capabilities?

VertexOne has been providing utilities with web self-service since 2000. Beyond just getting their monthly utility bill online, today’s utility customers expect a wide range of self-service options—on the web and on their mobile devices, wherever they happen to be. They want to pay their bills, see their usage, understand their options and receive relevant offers and information. They also want to be kept informed on a regular basis.
That’s why we created VertexOne Customer Engagement. Customer Engagement is comprised of the VertexOne web and mobile self-service platform (Customer Advantage), a customer communications module (Communication Advantage), and document and customer notification template manager (Document Advantage).


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Customer Advantage is a fully hosted and managed, scalable and secure solution that integrates with a number of CIS systems. It is designed to:

  • Lower a utility’s cost to serve by providing a breadth of easy-to-use self-service functionalities the adoption of which reduce traditional call volumes as well as mail and payment processing.
  • Reduce bad debt and improve collections by allowing customers to view and pay their bills 24x7 with a number of payment methods and channels.
  • Influence desired customer behavior by targeted marketing based on account information and encouraging bill payment from every page.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and self-service adoption by providing information not available through traditional channels, detailed consumption and financial data, helpful hints and other data customers find of interest.


Communication Advantage allows utilities to:

  • Allow customer to opt-in/out of communications and manage their preferred contact method;
  • Manage the content of a customer communication itself (such as verbiage of email or SMS) via tight integration with Document Advantage. (System Administrator);
  • Identify events to trigger a communication (who needs to receive it and when); and
  • Send the communication itself.
  • Control customer notification template management system


Document Advantage provides the ability to manage customer documentation, including letters, contracts, images, audio recordings, videos, etc. and integrates with Customer Advantage and your CIS.


WaterSmart Software The WaterSmart customer engagement and data analytics platform is a customer engagement and data analytics platform designed to help water utilities reduce the cost to serve their customers, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction with powerful outbound communication solutions, automated self-service and water usage insights.



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Lower Cost To Serve

Customers want self-service and providing those options actually lowers the utility’s cost to serve. The adoption of online and mobile self-service means fewer calls to your utility’s customer care, billing, and field service.

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Encourage Desirable Customer Behavior

By allowing 24x7 payments through a number of channels, not to mention providing customers with notifications and easy-to-find ways to view and pay invoices, utilities reduce bad debt and the need for collections activities.

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Templatize And Automate Customer Communications

With Communication Advantage, customers can customize the type of messages they receive from the utility, while the utility can define, templatize, and send customer communications from a single dashboard.

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Archive/Retrieve Most Any Communication

Customer communications and documents, images, and audio files and video files of virtually any format can be archived and retrieved by customers via self-care or customer care agents via the CRM/CIS.


Uptime for Self-Service A fully hosted and managed solution, Customer Advantage allows your customers to view and pay invoices, see detailed usage, and manage their services anytime, from anywhere.


Annual Paperless Enrollments Utilities report an order of magnitude drop in false positives when detecting abnormal consumption patterns with VertexOne Analytics.

12+ Million

Emails Sent Customer Engagement has sent over 12 million e-bill notices, payment reminders, meter read reminders, and other notices via emails and text messages.

Customer Engagement FAQs

What is customer engagement software? 

Customer engagement software provides benefits and customer satisfaction through easy-to-use and digital self-service features. This specialized software can help utilities save valuable time and resources, offering fast solutions to customer issues.

How can customer engagement improve customer satisfaction? 

Customer engagement improves customer satisfaction by offering greater insight into usage, providing critical customer notifications and communications exactly when they are needed, and building customer confidence in their utility.

What are the features of a utility customer engagement platform?  

Utility customer engagement platform: Is a fully hosted, managed, scalable, and secure solution. Is fully meter and CIS agnostic. Promotes an excellent customer experience. Has a variety of easy-to-use and self-service abilities. Features a dynamic messaging system that is personalized based on customer needs and feedback. Offers the ability to integrate with external utility websites and systems. Has a configurable appearance, including utility-specific branding and colors. Alerts customers using their preferred communication channel during emergencies, service outages, and critical events.

How does utility customer engagement differ from customer engagement in other industries? 

Utility customer engagement in the water, natural gas, and electricity industries must account for different factors, such as energy consumption, regional compliance goals, seasonal demands, and individual customer preferences.

What are the main features of VertexOne Customer Advantage? 

VertexOne Customer Engagement helps utilities lower the cost to serve, improve collections, impact desired customer behavior, and increase customer satisfaction and self-service adoption. It also manages customer communications, notifications, and documentation.

What makes VertexOne Customer Engagement different from other software on the market? 

VertexOne Customer Engagement software: Lowers the cost to serve through self-service features, reducing traditional call volumes and converting mail and payment processing to digital channels. Reduces debt and increases collections by allowing customers to view and pay their bills 24/7 using various payment methods and channels. Influences desired customer behavior through targeted marketing based on account information. Increases customer satisfaction and self-service adoption by providing details about consumption, financial data, helpful hints, and other information customers need.

“We knew going into the project that a head to toe redesign of our customer self-service portal would be an enormous undertaking. But VertexOne really listened to our needs, provided amazing design support and were very flexible when we wanted to add functionality to the portal as part of the upgrade. The end product is seamless and aligns more with the brand image EPCOR strives to portray today. “

– Sarah Skaggs, Director of Customer Care, EPCOR