Myth: customer data is useful but doesn’t always provide granular insight into behavior and preferences. Fact: customer data houses a unique treasure trove of information waiting to be accessed and analyzed through practices like customer data segmentation.

JEA, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is the eighth largest community-owned electric utility company in the United States and the largest in Florida. The utility is responsible for serving more than 466,000 electric customers, 348,000 water customers and 271,000 sewer customers, meaning that it boasts a significant amount of customer data that held useful and informative insights. To better reach and influence customers, JEA looked to VertexOne to leverage segmentation for residential customers for two main goals:

  1. Better understand customers’ behaviors, motivations and expectations to reduce customer service costs, and
  2. Enable a differentiated and targeted approach to marketing and customer engagement, by identifying who to target, with what offerings, using which messages and across which channels.

VertexOne identified, collected, processed, and organized numerous data sets required for the segmentation including demographics, consumption, payments, interactions and premise characteristics. VertexOne then assessed multiple clustering algorithms with the data, and selected the algorithm with the best tradeoff between accuracy and simplicity.

To say we saw success from this project is an understatement. Working with JEA allowed us to enhance its customer engagement at every touchpoint with new, defined customer segments. Without giving away the full scope of the project, we want to invite you to watch our on-demand webinar with partners JEA and Zpryme highlighting the process, outcome and success we saw with this segmentation project.

Watch our on-demand webinar today to get the full picture of our customer segmentation success story!


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