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The volume of data today’s utilities collect through customer and operational transactions is enormous. That makes it difficult to analyze for insights into optimal rate modeling, predictive maintenance, customer segmentation, revenue leakage, load forecasting and more. To solve that, VertexOne utility customers can add our optional VertexOne Analytics to our scope of services at any time.

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Want to integrate the latest reporting, analytics and more?

Data is often one of an organization’s most valuable yet underutilized assets. That’s why VertexOne has been using descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics for years to enhance customer engagement and optimize business operations for utilities.

VertexOne Analytics empowers utilities to achieve better business performance through data analytics, machine learning, and AI. We provide descriptive analytics plus insight services, advanced customer engagement analytics, and IoT analytics, all designed around each utility’s unique needs. Using advanced analytics and machine learning, we’re happy to partner with utilities to design and pilot advanced analytic solutions that leverage their existing investments in big data sets. Our pilot solutions can often be designed, built and deployed within 12 weeks, allowing a short ROI cycle and the ability to see results quickly.

Leveraging analytics powered by SAP HANA, VertexOne Analytics help utilities uncover hidden insights and patterns that lead to reliable, repeatable decisions and results. And because we always recruit and retain top-notch data scientist for our analytics team, VertexOne can be an extension of your own team, providing analytics capabilities wherever you are in the journey.


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Uncover Hidden Insights

Uncovers patterns and associations within the data to produce reliable, actionable, repeatable decisions and results.

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End-To-End Big data handling

Handles the acquisition, data curation, searching, sharing, storage, transfer, modeling, visualization, querying and information privacy for huge data sets and multiple data sources.

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Rate Modeling

Model new rate plans to address infrastructure replacement, capital investments, and trends in energy efficiency, population, and consumption, then estimate their operational impact.

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From Data To Insight To Action

Extracts timely insights from huge data sets, which, when integrated with your customer engagement systems, lets you take proactive actions today, not months or years down the road.


Report Decrease in Bad Debt Our utility clients report dramatic reductions in bad debt provisioning than before adding VertexOne Analytics.


Reduction in False Positives Utilities report an order of magnitude drop in false positives when detecting abnormal consumption patterns with VertexOne Analytics.


Say Leak Detection is Valuable For water and gas utilities, detecting leaks with VertexOne Analytics can save priceless resources and can even save lives.

“While I could say we have contracted with VertexOne on a couple of very successful projects, I prefer to say we partnered with them, because that better describes the sense of commitment they bring to the table.  In addition to their customer commitment, they have both a deep understanding of the utility business and a genuine interest in solving complex problems.  The presentations and report outs he prepared for our executive team were top notch and made everyone look like rock stars. 

– Timothy Hunt, Director, Customer & Utility Analytics, JEA