The utility industry has been pushed to rapidly adapt to the digital age. Customers demand faster resolution, access to multiple digital channels, personalized and relevant communications, and programs to help navigate the issues of today. Meanwhile, utility operations must optimize technological investments, and apply actionable insights from a growing volume of AMI and AMR data.

Customer Experience Initiatives at Northwestern Energy

Over the past six years, Northwestern Energy has been improving its customer experience through incremental changes and customer engagement. Unlike other utilities, they didn't have pressing concerns that drove them to make changes. They involve customers in the development process and maintain a consistent approach, with renewed confidence after succeeding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NWE advises utilities to collaborate with vendors based on mutual trust, accountability, and the shared goal of improving customer service. This approach has helped Northwestern Energy successfully partner with external vendors to drive innovation and improve customer experiences. Optimizing Digital Customer Engagement & Meter-to-Cash Operations at NorthWestern Energy and VertexOne, Feature Image

Data Analytics through Cloud CIS

Implementing cloud-based solutions helps integrate data analytics and real-time feedback, and provides additional opportunities to improve customer experiences.

Automation to Improve Efficiency

Automation is a crucial aspect of the utility tech stack, as it allows for self-service solutions while enhancing operational efficiency, especially for routine tasks like submitting service requests.

Evolving Customer Expectations

Providing self-service portals is a key driver for many utilities and retailers, as it decreases the cost to serve while still customers a way to take action on that information and resolve any issues on their own.

Proactive Communication

Retailers and utilities are expected to provide responsive, customized, and proactive customer touch points across all channels in order to increase satisfaction and minimize complaints.

What’s Next for Northwestern Energy?

NWE is proud of their unwavering commitment to their customers and their dedication to serving their communities. Northwestern Energy's focus on building trust with their customers has been instrumental in their success. Their responsiveness, seamless collaboration, and worry-free partnership with vendors, like VertexOne, have been essential to their customer-centric approach. They continually strive to improve customer experiences and ensure they remain at the forefront of industry developments.

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