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Hidden Insights
Discovers patterns and associations within collected data to produce actionable decisions and results.
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Data Handling
Handles the acquisition, sharing, storage, transfer, querying, and privacy of data sets and sources.
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Rate Modeling
Models new rate plans to improve infrastructure, investments, and trends in energy efficiency.
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Actionable Data
Extracts data insights and integrates them with customer engagement systems, allowing you to take action.
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Expedited Collection
Deploys within 12 weeks, allowing for a short ROI cycle and the ability to see results quickly.
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Integrate the latest reporting, analytics, and more

Data is a valuable asset for utilities and energy retailers.

That’s why VertexOne uses descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics to improve customer engagement and streamline business operations for utilities.

Leveraging insights powered by SAP HANA, VXpredict helps utilities uncover hidden insights and patterns that lead to reliable, repeatable decisions and results. Let VertexOne become an extension of your team, providing analytics capabilities throughout your data-driven journey.

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Start gathering valuable insights in as little as 12 weeks.

VXpredict provides descriptive analytics, customer engagement analytics, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) analytics modeled on each utility or energy retailer's unique needs.

We partner with utilities to create analytic solutions that leverage advanced data collection methods, machine learning, and existing investments in larger data sets.

Our pilot solutions can be designed, built, and deployed within 12 weeks, allowing for a short ROI cycle and the ability to see results quickly.

Trusted by Utilities Across North America

Powerful analytics and reporting can boost your performance.

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91% reduction in false positives

Utilities report a significant drop in false positives when detecting abnormal consumption patterns after deployment.

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69% of utilities decreased bad debt

Our utility clients report dramatic reductions in bad debt provisioning after implementation.

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97% of utilities value the leak detection feature

For water and gas utilities, detecting leaks with our predictive platform saves priceless resources, including time, money, and even lives.