For Utilities and Energy Suppliers

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VXcommunicate is a cloud-based, multichannel messaging solution that allows utility personnel to schedule automated communications with multiple groups of customers. Allowing for open communication, fast service, and real-time updates between you and your customers.


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Build Relationships 

  • View current and historical customer correspondence.
  • Integrate with CIS and third-party services.
  • Create and manage communication templates.
  • Conduct multi-channel outbound communication quickly. 


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Empower Customers

  • Allow customers to opt in or out of communications.
  • Give users the ability to change their contact method.
  • Save your utility's valuable time and resources.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with self-service tools. 


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Keep Your Community Informed

  • Trigger event-based notifications or alerts for targeted customers at the right time.
  • Send communications using customers' preferred methods of contact. 
  • Control the customer notification template management system.


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Improve Communication

  • Improve each customer interaction and reach faster resolutions.
  • Reach your customers how they want to be reached.  


Key Benefits

Reach your customers how they want and allow them to opt in or out of communications to improve your customer service.

Time 2
Reach Customers Fast
Contact customers immediately when service disruptions or outages occur.
Person 7
Empower Customers
Give customers the ability to opt in or out of communications.
Data_icon_thin black
Track Essential Details
Manage the details of each customer interaction.
Team 4
Build Relationships
Improve interactions and communications with customers.
Feedback 4
Keep Customers Informed
Trigger event-based notifications to target customers at the right time.
Check List 2
Prevent Future Issues
Give customer support staff more time to solve complex issues.

Customer Engagement FAQs

What are the features of a utility customer engagement platform?  

A customer engagement platform includes software solutions that are designed to help utilities lower cost to serve their customers through self-service features, which reduces traditional call volumes, and converts costly mail and payments processing to more cost-effective digital channels. Customer engagement programs are fully hosted, managed, scalable, and secure, and must be meter and CIS agnostic to integrate with external utility websites and systems. The right solutions provide a configurable appearance, including utility-specific branding and colors.

This all helps utilities to improve collections by using features and targeted marketing to influence desired customer behavior, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction and self-service adoption.

How does utility customer engagement differ from customer engagement in other industries?  

Utility customer engagement in the water, natural gas, and electricity industries must account for different factors, such as energy consumption, regional compliance goals, seasonal demands, and individual customer preferences.