Consumption Analytics Software VXsmart

VertexOne’s VXsmart offers utilities a bird’s-eye view of customer behavior with in-depth consumption analytics, behavior-based engagement, and personalized insights.

When used with our VXengage platform, VXsmart can help your utility lower the cost to serve customers, increase customer satisfaction through targeted communication, boost operational efficiency, and gather detailed insights into customer behavior and usage. 

VXsmart can help keep utility customers informed with leak or overuse notifications and billing updates. With omnichannel, VXsmart can help your utility:

  • Send alerts and notifications that keep utility end users informed.
  • Use Bill Forecast notifications to inform customers if they are likely to see higher-than-usual water usage on an upcoming bill before the end of the billing cycle.
  • Detect and notify customers about potential leaks in their homes, helping them identify the source using an advanced leak alert algorithm.
  • Track rebate program participation, improving customer relationship management.

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"Prior to VXsmart, I had to go through our entire list of meters every single month and try to identify leaks myself. Now we are able to do it all online, saving me time and stress."

Richard Ames - Town of Natick, MA