What would a New Year be without a resolution or two?

Your personal New Year's resolutions may include getting in better shape or cutting monthly expenses. However, your utility should also focus on getting in better shape, especially concerning customer engagement and satisfaction.

To help out, we've created a relevant and achievable New Year's resolution for your utility for 2024:


"As we embark on a fresh start in the New Year, my commitment is to provide my utility customers with an unparalleled customer experience by actively engaging with them and surpassing their expectations."


Resolution: Prioritizing Customer-Centricity in 2024

Resolution: I will prioritize the needs of my customers.

While you already monitor your service area for outages and disruptions, it is important for each customer to feel valued as an individual. Therefore, make it your resolution this year to proactively anticipate and address your customers' needs, even if they are not yet aware of them.

Consider the case of a water leak. Leaks have a tendency to develop in various places, such as behind walls, under foundations, or even in a sprinkler system, beyond the customer's meter. Unfortunately, these leaks can remain hidden for extended periods of time before the customer becomes aware of them.

However, with our proactive leak detection system, Leak Detection Analytics, we use advanced algorithms that analyze both current and historical consumption data. This enables us to promptly identify probable leaks within a matter of hours, rather than the usual days or weeks.

As a result, customers are spared from any unpleasant surprises on their monthly water bills, and the risk of damage to their property is significantly reduced. By prioritizing the well-being of our customers, we strive to ensure their satisfaction and peace of mind.


Resolution: Omni-Channel Presence in 2024

Resolution: I will be here for my customers.

In today's digital age, traditional support channels are still relevant, but the influence of web and mobile devices cannot be denied. More and more customers are seeking electronic access and are looking for fewer interactions with people. As we enter 2024, it is crucial to be available for your customers through their preferred communication channels.

When implemented effectively, online self-service has the power to greatly enhance the customer experience. It goes beyond mere online bill payment, encompassing every possible interaction and transaction that a customer may require from your utility.

These easily accessible channels are open 24/7 and include user-friendly websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, live chat, and more. By embracing these digital solutions, such as VertexOne Web & Mobile Self-Service, your utility can seamlessly engage with customers on their terms, anytime and anywhere they choose.

With a digital solutions like VertexOne Web & Mobile Self-Service, your utility can seamlessly engage with customers in their preferred manner, anytime and anywhere they choose.


Resolution: Environmental Advocacy in the New Year

Resolution: I will do more for the environment.

In a world where environmental consciousness is on the rise, many utility customers are actively seeking ways to contribute to a sustainable future. They strive to use renewable energy, practice energy efficiency, and conserve natural resources. As we enter the New Year, it is essential for utilities to align themselves with these causes and provide the necessary support.

However, it is important to acknowledge that not every customer shares these concerns. Implementing large-scale programs to promote environmental initiatives can be costly and inefficient. To optimize your efforts and resources, a more targeted approach is recommended. By sending enrollment invitations specifically to those customers who are likely to embrace these initiatives, you not only make them feel valued but also ensure that your marketing budget is utilized effectively.

Let's make 2024 a year of environmental advocacy and empower your customers to make a difference. Together, we can create a sustainable future while enhancing overall utility customer experience.