EPCOR USA will embark upon a modernization strategy that includes the following VertexOne solutions: VertexOne CIS EssentialsTM, VertexOne vxFieldTM, VertexOne MeterSmartTM, VertexOne WaterSmartTM, VertexOne GasSmartTM and enhanced electronic bill presentment and payments


Dallas, Texas – November 19, 2020 [Business Wire] –EPCOR USA Inc. (EPCOR USA) today announces the expansion of its partnership with VertexOne, a leading provider of meter-to-cash solutions for utilities across North America. EPCOR USA enters into this new contract to collaborate with VertexOne on a portfolio of solutions over the coming decades. This collaboration supports EPCOR USA‘s continued evolution and modernization to meet changing customer expectations and utility needs.

Under this new contract, EPCOR USA will embark upon a modernization strategy that includes the following VertexOne solutions: VertexOne CIS Essentials™, VertexOne vxField™, VertexOne MeterSmart™, VertexOne WaterSmart™, VertexOne GasSmart™ and enhanced electronic bill presentment and payments. “VertexOne is thrilled to continue this partnership with EPCOR USA as we work alongside their team to upgrade and refine their systems,” said VertexOne President and CEO Andrew Jornod. “This project builds upon our seven-year partnership and extends it past 2030 so we can continue to support EPCOR in meeting their long-term goals.”

EPCOR will be upgrading its current systems to the latest and most modern offerings available with VertexOne to drive success in a variety of areas:
Customer Service: EPCOR USA’s 226,000 regulated water, wastewater and natural gas customers will enjoy modern customer self-serve functionality that improves the customers’ experience and is adaptable to changing customer needs.
Business Processes: EPCOR USA will enhance business processes by adopting industry-leading best practices and technology to deliver integrated customer service in an efficient and effective manner.
Digital Transformation: Utility staff and end-customers will have access to the best digital solutions for customer engagement, billing, payments, and data analytics.
Optimized Field Work: With VertexOne vxField™, dispatchers and field technicians will be better aligned, old paper-based systems will be automated and scheduling of work assignments will be optimized.

“EPCOR is excited to continue our work with the VertexOne team and launch expanded solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game with the latest and greatest technology solutions to provide the best experience for our staff and customers and have been very impressed with VertexOne’s ability to offer just that,” says Sarah Skaggs, Director of Customer Care. “For the past seven years, VertexOne has gone above and beyond to provide excellent service and support. Their team truly serves as an extension of our internal team and continue to demonstrate aligned objectives and dedication to our success.”

"This project will allow for the evolution and transformation of our business practices and will serve as a model for best-practices for utilities across the country. It will result in a flexible and user-centric set of systems that improves internal and external services through more efficient processes,” continues Skaggs.

As part of the program, EPCOR USA will also serve as a premier development partner for VertexOne GasSmartTM, a customer engagement and data analytics platform designed to surface actionable insights and valuable recommendations for gas customers. “We look forward to bringing these best-in-class technologies to EPCOR USA and help them achieve impressive results and elevate both utility staff and end-customer experiences,” shares Jornod.


Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, EPCOR USA’s wholly owned subsidiaries build, own and operate water and wastewater and natural gas facilities and infrastructure in the southwestern United States. EPCOR USA provides water, wastewater, wholesale water and natural gas services to approximately 670,000 people across 39 communities and 15 counties in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Visit www.epcor.com for more.

About VertexOne
VertexOne is the recognized leader in SaaS platforms for critical business processes of utilities across North America. Through a wide range of innovative services and solutions—including the VertexOne Complete™️ SaaS Solution for Utilities comprised of the Customer Information System (CIS), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), Meter Data Management (MDM), Digital Customer Engagement and Customer Self Service, and now the addition of WaterSmart solutions and services—VertexOne helps utilities more efficiently deliver a compelling customer experience; reducing the cost to serve customers, increasing operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction, and driving utility operations forward. VertexOne takes on the heavy lifting of keeping current with the rapid pace of technology changes through our VertexOne Complete™ SaaS offering, so utilities don't have to—leaving our customers more time to focus on core utility business while leaving the technology to us. For more information, visit https://www.vertexone.net.