FORT WORTH, TX — April 30, 2024 — VertexOne, a leading provider of cloud software designed to revolutionize the customer experience within the energy and utility industry, is excited to publicly unveil its new Partner+ Program, a curated, collaborative partner program that brings together best-in-class partners and solutions into a single, dynamic partner ecosystem designed to drive transformative change for the customer experience in the energy and utility industry.

The program has been in the works for nearly a year, with select partners partaking in a pilot run over the last ten months to build out the Partner+ ecosystem and refine the program’s processes.

“It’s first and foremost about bringing the best solutions together to address our clients’ and markets’ needs,” said Ed Solar, VertexOne’s Chief Growth Officer, who likens the program to a bespoke approach to providing clients with best-in-class digital solutions to engagement and operational challenges surrounding their customers. “But it’s also about defining who we are, why we partner, and the standards we want to uphold in the way we engage with our partners.”

Partner+ was a joint initiative between VertexOne’s Business Development and Marketing teams, seeking to define everything from evaluation criteria and rules of engagement to the processes necessary to ensure alignment of the respective technical, marketing, and commercial teams.

“VertexOne has always worked with partners, so we began an initiative to discover, from the outside in, what it was like for our partners to engage with us, and what it was like for prospects and clients when we worked with partners,” said Paige Besson, Chief Marketing Officer of VertexOne. “Successful partnerships are critical to achieving the goals of both our clients’ businesses and our own, so we set out to discover how we could make this experience better while setting our clients, our partners, and ourselves up for success.”

After almost a year in development, the result is a thoughtful and disciplined partner program built around the four principles of innovation, collaboration, excellence, and integrity.

“For the past ten months, we have worked with key partners to ensure the framework across the program addresses needs and instills confidence in both our partnership and our ability to deliver on our promises to our clients,” Solar added. “We are very proud of all the work that has gone into this and are proud to officially launch Partner+ into the market.”

“Customer experience and innovation are at the core of VertexOne,” VertexOne CEO Andrew Jornod said. “This launch marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to nurture and fortify our partner ecosystem and sets the stage for mutually beneficial growth and success.”

For more on the Partner+ Program and for new application inquires, visit VertexOne’s Partner+ page at

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