I’m excited to announce VertexOne’s blueprint for double-digit growth by focusing on the evolving needs of the individual employee, versus our shareholders or its clients.  This blueprint has allowed VertexOne to achieve record-breaking growth resulting in a 15% increase in headcount within the past 6-month period and improved employee satisfaction by over 30% in that same period.

In July of 2019, VertexOne received an investment by DFW Capital, a leading private equity investor in middle-market companies like VertexOne. This transaction opened the door to a complete refresh of our officer team and dramatically changed the trajectory of our organization and market leadership position.  During that first six months, VertexOne reported a significant improvement and achieved over-performance on all key indicators, including revenue, profit, client expansion, and net new logos. This outstanding performance was inspired by the focus on three key employee fundamentals: Engagement, Enrichment, and Enablement. 

  • Engagement – VertexOne management rolled out several key initiatives to break down the walls between many of its divisions to create one unified organization. This started with the renaming of Vertex to VertexOne, to signify that we are one company and one team. It also provided significant investment in people, processes, and products we utilize to better serve our clients. The use of key capabilities such as videoconferencing, team-based collaboration applications, 360 degree performance reviews, leadership retreats and investment in individual growth through coaching and training have all been rolled out to bring the employee back to the focus of our company’s success.  New team members are introduced, employee and team achievements are celebrated, and company successes are shared companywide.

  • Enrichment – The focus on sales, productivity, and revenue have all been at the forefront of business measurement for decades. As the global workforce continues to evolve, our business models need to adapt with them to focus on enriching the individual. It has been proven through VertexOne’s success, that building a foundation of employee enrichment is necessary in order to grow other key metrics, including overall revenue, profit, and market position. At VertexOne, we have renewed our investment in improving company culture through employee events, improved benefits, volunteering campaigns, corporate social media forums and support for the local communities we serve. This has enabled a strong sense of community, excitement and camaraderie that overflows into our employee’s commitment to product and service delivery for our utility clients. 

  • Enablement – The final component is the enablement of the employee to encourage ownership to deliver the growth of the business. VertexOne has virtualized all of its five development centers; Dallas, Texas; Bend, Oregon; Toronto, Ontario; Scottsbluff, Nebraska; and Gurgaon, India to ensure that silos are broken down and teams can collaborate through a series of virtual and online mediums. Additionally, VertexOne has increased the officer team to include representations from all corners of the business with a total of 11 representatives of both senior executives and officers, and over 50 of the top managers within the business, to manage, advise and innovate as one team. Driving enablement closest to the employee and our customers allows our rapidly growing SaaS-based business to give our leadership team real-time feedback, develop new innovations, and provide a direct link to employee and client sentiment. 

VertexOne is not the same company it was 2 years ago, let alone 9 months ago. While we continue to exceed our operational performance, we have seen exponential growth from the individuals who lead and operate our business both through recruiting new talent and promoting those outstanding performers already embedded in the business. 

The foundation of the employment strategy has been enabled through VertexOne’s coaching and mentorship program. This enables real-time, 360-degree feedback of all employees throughout the year, eliminating the need for one-time yearly assessments to keep this rapidly evolving and growing company in line with today’s workforce. 

Our own Elizabeth Reed, CHRO said, “We are all very excited to see the amazing leadership of the VertexOne Board and Officer team which has led to outstanding success, both in growing our headcount over 15% and improving our Glassdoor reviews by 30%!” 

I’m proud to say that VertexOne has an employee satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 for existing employees with a 94% recommendation rate to others and a 97% approval of the senior-most leadership team within the organization. 

Learn more about our VertexOne leadership team here.