Vertex Leadership Team

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Pushing the technological envelope in an industry where an information system’s lifetime often spans decades requires both leadership and vision. VertexOne’s leadership team understands the unique challenges of utilities face on many levels, such as tight budgets, regulatory compliance, and rate case justification—not to mention the difficulties of maintaining an aging technology infrastructure. And it has the vision to focus VertexOne’s resources on creating customer experience solutions that truly address all those challenges, both today and for decades to come.

Here’s why the leadership at VertexOne team has both the experience and technical chops to drive the innovation today’s utilities need to increase operational efficiency and meet the demands of today’s utility customers. 


Andrew Jornod

CEO & President

Keith Foerster


Bobby Batson


Ed Solar

SVP Sales & Business Development

Elizabeth Reed

Chief HR Officer

Mark Carde


Peter Hazlewood

EVP of Product Delivery

Bill Mareburger

SVP of Product Strategy

Mattias Lindgren

SVP of Product Delivery

Lawson Glenn

VP of Alliances

Ali Barsamian

VP of Marketing

Rajat Bahadur

Country GM of VertexOne India

Audra Leigh Braden

Outside General Counsel

Board of Directors

Keith Pennell

Chairman of the Board
[Managing Partner of DFW Capital]

Andrew Jornod

Board Director, Vice-Chair
[President & CEO, VertexOne]

Douglas H. Gilbert

Board Director
[Partner, DFW Capital]

Ke Ding

Board Director
[Vice President, DFW Capital]

Brad Almond

Board Director
[CFO, ResMan Property Management Software]

Todd Crandall

Board Director
[Independent Industry Advisor]

Keith Foerster

[CFO, VertexOne]