The introduction of cloud computing can transform the operational side of business. With hectic day-to-day company tasks, dedicating time for on-premise updates and maintenance is a hassle. According to SiliconANGLE, more than 60 percent of businesses use cloud technology for IT-related operations; however, utilities are not adopting at the same rate.

Improving the Customer Experience with Cloud Technology,.. VertexOneOn-premise solutions require continued upkeep to maintain security, compliance, updates and support. With cloud technologies, however, companies have dedicated providers to ensure performance, as they host, scale, and update systems as necessary, allowing you to focus more on your utility customer experience and less on your systems.

Businesses are drawn to the adoption of cloud technology because it simplifies the process of activating new capabilities. Cloud technology for utilities can support new requirements such as AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), as well as provide add-ons like predictive analytics, which have the power to significantly improve a customer’s overall experience with their utility company.

Additionally, when it comes to costs, cloud technology offers benefits that traditional implementations cannot. While cloud solutions give utilities lifetime certainty of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), traditional solutions tend to focus only on the cost to implement. Without considering cost of upkeep and support, utilities never know how much their new system will end up “costing.”


Cloud technology offers three functional benefits to simplify business:

Predictability. Lower TCO frees up resources to invest in infrastructure or other improvements. Cloud technology also offers long-term pricing models that allow companies to easily plan IT spending for up to five years in advance.

Productivity. Implementation time is cut in half, so you can go live faster and benefit sooner from the new capabilities. Built-in business continuity also helps to avoid costly downtime.

Efficiency. Greater use of internal resources, plus built-in software upgrades to keep functionality up to date.

To learn more about how cloud technology can solve your utility’s challenges, download our eBook, 3 Reasons Why the Cloud Presents a Better Way for Utilities to Improve Customer Experience.

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