CIS Systems for Utilities Why You Should Invest

Scalable and efficient customer information systems are imperative for utilities. Why? Consumer expectations have changed dramatically in the past decade.

A customer information system (CIS) was once only required to carry out a few simple tasks, but the growing demand for convenience has changed customer expectations. Now, they want the same experience across all digital experiences, from banking to shopping to paying their utility bill. That means that the same accessibility and speed must be possible across all channels.

Electricity, gas, and water utility providers are expected to offer customers quick response times and a seamless online experience. This 24/7 accessibility means that customer engagement software must be future-proof and adaptable.


What are CIS systems for utilities?

CIS systems for utilities are a vital aspect of the meter-to-cash process, daily operations, and standard procedures delivered by utility and energy companies. Previously, CIS billing systems offered a few features and were largely unscalable, unable to handle more responsibilities when new capabilities were introduced. Now, an effective CIS system provides metered usage of commodities, successfully recognizing revenue.

How can CIS systems improve the customer experience, and why should utility providers invest in them? Cloud-based CIS technology offers numerous benefits for utility businesses and the customers they serve:


For utilities:

  • Adapts to the changing complexities of rate structures

  • Meets the need to provide 24/7 digital service

  • Runs complex billing processes

  • Generates bills at any time without disruption, even when handling customer support tasks

  • Offers support for real-time data integration

  • Scales to handle new tasks and updates

  • Provides valuable insights into customer trends, helping the utility provider understand current and future demand


For customers:

  • Provides a convenient customer experience, leading to higher levels of satisfaction

  • Offers more accurate billing

  • Boosts overall systems operations

  • Improves marketing campaigns by targeting different customer segments

  • Offers customers savings by reducing peak demand

  • Gives customers valuable insights into their consumption levels and overall costs

  • Helps offer targeted products and services to customers based on factors such as age or location

  • Tracks usage patterns based on location, time of year, temperature, weather, and more

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What are the advantages of cloud-based CIS systems for utilities?

Modern utility CIS billing solutions provided by businesses like VertexOne allow utilities to collect and transmit important information across multiple operations. VertexOne’s CIS cloud supports customer information storage software by assigning each customer a unique identifier. This helps manage and record every interaction, complaint, or change of service. Customers can also access their bills, check monthly usage, place service requests, and report outages at any time by logging into their online accounts.

Cloud-based CIS systems for utilities can:

  • Ensure utility providers adhere to local or state-based rates and plans.

  • Oversee, schedule, and monitor work performed for customers, such as collections, meter checkups, and more.

  • Organize larger service areas and growing customer groups.

  • Track financial data, sales, tax rates, work orders, and customer growth so utilities can break this information into manageable components.

  • Identify customer pain points.

  • Offer customers flexible billing options from various payment sources.


Does your CIS system meet your customers’ needs?

CIS systems for utilities provide convenience, customer satisfaction, and streamlined processes. VertexOne’s suite of cloud-based CIS solutions can help utilities scale, optimize, and improve their daily operations.
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