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VertexOne CIS EnterpriseTM

CIS Enterprise is our state-of-the-art, fully hosted and fully managed CIS solution powered by SAP, purpose-built for utilities and delivered as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud. With VertexOne, you get 20+ years’ expertise in utility customer experience with the flexibility, scalability, and security of the cloud.

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Ready to take the plunge to the ultimate cloud CIS?

These days the benefits of moving IT infrastructure and applications to a fully hosted and managed model in the cloud are well known. Among these are flexibility, scalability, reliability, and predictable costs, not to mention shifting the burden for hardware maintenance and security expertise to the cloud provider.

But most cloud providers don’t understand the unique needs a utility has of its CIS. That’s where VertexOne comes in. We’ve bundled VertexOne’s 20+ years experience with utility CIS solutions, SAP and other leading technology, providing managed services, and guiding utilities in their journey for the best customer service possible—all into the ultimate, customizable and extensible solution we call VertexOne Cloud CIS.

With VertexOne Cloud CIS, we help your utility stay ahead of the curve in delivering the ultimate customer experience. With a SaaS delivery model, your utility gets a future-proof CIS solution, choosing which updates and upgrades you want to roll out and when—without major re-implementation projects.


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Purpose-Built For Utilities

We’ve provided municipal utilities and IOUs across North America with customer experience solutions for electric, gas, and water services and in both regulated and deregulated markets. That means with VertexOne, you get more than a full-featured, customizable cloud CIS. You get one that’s purpose-built for utilities.

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The Power Of The Cloud

A cloud CIS allows your utility to scale with your customer base while leaving the physical infrastructure, server and software maintenance, and security to those who do it best.

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A Future-Proof CIS

VertexOne’s SaaS delivery makes updating your CIS with the latest features a simple matter, whenever you’re ready. And you can easily enable new VertexOne modules when you want to expand your footprint.

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The Power of SAP

Speed and capacity limitations are concerns of the past. Built atop a powerful SAP S/4HANA in-memory database, the VertexOne cloud CIS lets you scale to meet your utility’s needs today and tomorrow.