VXsmart augments any AMI deployment by surfacing actionable insights hidden in your AMI data to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Maximize your investment with VXsmart's configurable leak detection parameters and automated opt-out leak alerting and resolution. Our portal allows utility customers to take control of their usage and bills with a variety of self-defined threshold alerts.

Enhance Your Investment with Advanced Irrigation Technology AMI Capabilities with VXsmart, VertexOne

With VXsmart, you will have exclusive access to cutting-edge irrigation technology, meter health data, and seamless integration with all major meter vendors. Empower your staff and customers with all these great features and more.

Irrigation Information

Identify and alert irrigation violators with our "Likely Irrigation Offenders Report" and advanced detection algorithm.

Meter Agnostic

Collaborating with all the top meter vendors, such as Aclara, Badger, Master Meter, Neptune, Sensus, and more, is a key aspect of our work.

Meter Health

Efficiently monitor your meter with centralized monitoring to identify apparent losses, track missed and zero reads, leaks, faulty meters, and event reporting.

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