Utility Overview

Hendersonville is just 18 miles northeast of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, and is the fourth largest city in the Nashville metropolitan area. Home for many country artists like Johnny Cash, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift, Hendersonville is top-rated thanks to its diversity, family life, and public schools. Hendersonville is proud of its thriving communities, low unemployment, and low teacher-student ratios.

When Hendersonville’s billing software provider stopped offering its current customer portal, they looked for a provider who offered similar customer portal options. Hendersonville Utility District (the Utility) needed online billing features, a self-service customer portal, and water efficiency data through meter reads to continue meeting customer needs. After evaluation, the Utility turned to VertexOne’s WaterSmart platform to deliver an efficient customer experience.


The Challenge

Each utility has a unique set of circumstances when upgrading its utility systems. Occasionally, a utility’s provider halts development or support of a current system in exchange for a new system. This was the case for Hendersonville. When their old CIS vendor informed them that the previous system was no longer being developed, the Utility needed to find the right vendor with a customer-centric portal and a data-driven utility dashboard.


The Solution

Following an extensive review, Hendersonville chose to partner with VertexOne and implement VertexOne WaterSmart™ full of powerful improvements:
  • To automate processes and alleviate routine tasks for the customer service team
  • To enable digital service request forms for residents moving to Hendersonville
  • To surface automated data analytics and water usage insights, personalized for each household
  • To create an online and phone payment system to redirect payments to automated workflow

Leveraging Digital Channels To Drive Utility Customer Engagement




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