Many utilities have turned to Group Messenger capabilities through their customer portals to quickly and easily alert their customers via multiple channels (automated voice call, SMS text, and email) and to stay connected with their customers during emergencies.  From the extreme, unpredictable weather events utilities must cut through all the noise, and develop an effective communication strategy to address the needs of the customer. 

One such utility, City of Mansfield, needed to identify the best possible way to communicate with customers regarding targeted messaging about both water utilities emergencies, water conservation, updates or changes to trash and/or recycling, general information regarding water utilities and environmental services as well as delivering automated leak alert messages to affected customers.

Messages would include water main break alerts, water outages, mosquito spraying, seasonal water use tips, etc. While social media, the city’s website and print/digital promotions are helpful, they realized that they needed a more targeted approach that would result in better engagement and reach more people. 

2022 Weathering the Storm through Proactive Crisis Communications  -  VertexOne

Mansfield can now reach customers who have not yet registered for the portal by using proactive group messages through SMS, email and automated voice calls, ensuring broad reach and driving self-service registration. 

Through their digital customer engagement portal, the City of Mansfield was able to measure over 25% Portal Registration of their customer base, have sent over 200,000 email/text/voice Group Messages, delivered over 8,000 Leak Alerts, and maintained a 99% positive leak feedback rate, and have won an award for the best innovative communication channel at TAMI to name a few outstanding outcomes. 

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