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Sell more than just commodity consumption

We know that the goal of meeting customer expectations is a moving target. Today, utilities and energy companies need to evolve past simple providing reliable access to water, gas, electric services.

As shopping has overwhelmingly transitioned to take place online, it is critical to implement a digital marketplace to sell any non-core services you have available to customers.  This creates a new revenue stream to power your business into the future and delights your customers.

Get Results

Implementing a digital marketplace is only step one for generating a reliable revenue stream for non-core services. Your marketplace must have a suite of capabilities proven to deliver successful results and engagement.

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Targeted Promotion
Assure that your products and services are promoted to the right customers, at the right time, through the channels they engage with though our communication portal.
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Action Oriented
Our intuitive, user-friendly platform makes it simple and clear for customers to take full advantage of your non-core services. Drive them directly from ads to payment with a few clicks.
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Empower customers to do it all in one place. They can receive promotions, explore products, execute transactions, and track orders all within our VXengage.