Many water utilities use water budgets, tiered rate structures, goals, or other customer consumption limits in order to address water stress. Communicating budgets along with household comparisons yields the greatest benefits to both utilities and consumers.

Integrating budgets with account information

For utilities that have their own water budget calculations, integrate budgets with account and usage data to give context to a customer’s usage patterns.

Incorporating budgets into customer communications

Water budgets or allocations are incorporated with Water Reports and Customer Portal so that messaging is consistent across all channels. Water Allocation Solutions with VertexOne

Measuring customer progress

Comparison of consumption to goals at the individual or portfolio level can aid in better communicating and managing customer performance.

Addressing drought restrictions

Some utilities are now facing state mandated restrictions to reduce urban consumption by 25% or more. Compare current consumption with historic levels to help attain portfolio-wide conservation goals.

Segmenting by tier

Utility staff can use segmentation analyses to better target communications at customers that need additional support to stay within their allocation

Social Comparisons

Our targeted messaging can also differentiate between customers that are under or over their budget.


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Research has consistently shown that social norms and peer comparisons have a strong influence on behavior change. Use social comparisons to show residents how their water use compares to that of similar households, and encourages the highest users to cut back.