Instead of simply notifying customers of leaks, empower them to detect and resolve leaks on their own without the need to contact.

Reduced support calls

Our leak resolution system directs your customers toward self-service resolution with easy, step-by-step instructions and videos to help customers find and resolve leaks on their own so your team can focus on complex issues.  

Leak Detection, Alerts, and Resolution within VXsmart

Reach more customers

Multi-channel leak alerts allow your utility to give customers the benefits of valuable, property protecting communications. Leak detection and resolution with no registration requirement to access alerts and resources.

Drive Digital Conversion

Reach utility customers who haven’t provided e-mail information and encourage customers to adopt digital communications channels and adopt environmentally sustainable communications methods.

VXsmart detects leaks for AMI and non-AMI utilities and sends automated alerts via email, text, voice, or print channels.

Our system uses adaptive leak detection algorithms to reduce false positives and enables advanced analytics to predict leak volume and savings, collects customer sentiment, and grants your staff additional communication metrics like alert open rates.

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