Utility Overview

The Athens-Clarke County (ACC) Public Utilities Department (PUD) system in Georgia provides high-quality drinking water to nearly all ACC residential, commercial, governmental, and industrial users within its boundaries. The distribution system includes 827 miles of water lines and supplies service to approximately 41,300 customer accounts.


The Challenge

Water conservation has been a significant consideration of ACC since 1995, with a dedicated office and staff to oversee the implementation of appropriate conservation measures. The Water Conservation Office (WCO) mission is to provide the necessary resources to promote a water-efficient lifestyle through education, collaboration, and action to sustain water resources and elevate the value of water in Athens-Clarke County.

The ACC PUD operates a continuous meter replacement program. Most recently, PUD upgraded to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), completing the installation in 2019. This important investment unlocked a massive vault of consumption data. It became critically important that ACC had the solutions in place to fully leverage this data and surface actionable insights.

The WCO team clearly identified the ideal outcomes of their investment:

  • Make AMI water consumption data accessible and easy to understand for ACC PUD customers
  • Incorporate social comparisons to provide a frame of reference for data
  • Avoid unnecessary water waste from leaks and unplanned customer use


The Solution

Following a thorough investigation of numerous providers, the VertexOne WaterSmart (Now VXsmart) platform rose above as the best option for their needs. Opening to customers in July 2019, the VXsmart platform offers utility customers a resource to better understand and manage their water use. Customers track water use, receive timely notifications regarding suspected leaks, access bill forecasting, pay their bills online, and see personalized recommendations for the most effective ways to save water and money.


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