Utility Overview

TriSummit Utilities (TSU) is a Canadian company with natural gas distribution utilities and renewable power generation assets. TSU serves approximately 133,000 customers across Canada, delivering low carbon energy, safely and reliably. The company supplies energy to more than 130,000 customers in three separate provinces through its operating subsidiaries:

  • Apex Utilities Inc. (AUI): Serves approximately 81,900 customers in more than 90 communities and surrounding rural areas across the province of Alberta.
  • Heritage Gas Limited (HGL): Serves approximately 8,500 customers in the Halifax Regional Municipality and rural areas in the province of Nova Scotia.
  • Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG): Serves approximately 42,300 customers in more than 16 communities across the western and northeastern areas of the province of British Columbia.

TSU has approximately 475 employees across its companies and regions. It continues to serve its customers’ energy demands—a customer base that includes manufacturers, educational and healthcare institutions, services sectors, and residential consumers. In recent years, TSU has invested in technology upgrades and integrations to achieve improved internal operations and processes. It has also streamlined and enhanced customer services and experiences.

The Challenge

Numerous customizations and work-around manual processes allowed the team to circumvent system limitations and keep the business running. However useful, these stopgap measures sacrificed efficiency and effective functionality.

IT and business leaders contemplated the need for a new approach and CIS technology while they defined key goals and measures for success. TSU wanted to meet base requirements to support the business and comply with industry rules. It also looked to:

  • Unify and streamline CIS processes and best practices across its three utilities.
  • Leverage the functionality and flexibility of contemporary CIS platforms to enhance and improve work processes and capabilities.
  • Significantly enhance customer experience, including the prospect of adding flexible, adaptable, and responsive self- service options.

The Lessons Learned

TSU and VertexOne have recognized lessons learned and shared wisdom from the CIS project trenches:

  • Have comprehensive and detailed planning, then communicate it, deep and wide across the teams
  • Set realistic expectations and include adequate expertise for data conversion issues and clean-up activities
  • Set and communicate realistic roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in the project
  • Develop and prepare clear and detailed training documentation well in advance of going live
  • Develop and act early on a transition plan to stabilize after going live
  • Don’t pick resources that are available; pick the right people, experience, expertise, and dedication for the project team

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