Each year, CS Week brings together the sharpest and most forward-thinking electric, gas and water utility professionals for a week of education, networking and recognition of stellar customer service project achievements. Especially important is the latter for utility providers, as working with customer information and casting a wide net of influence in the space is the cornerstone of our business.

VertexOne is especially pleased this year to share that our customer information system (CIS) project with DC Water was recognized as the Level I Best CIS Implementation during CS Week’s 2019 Expanding Excellence Awards ceremony on April 11, 2019. This award recognizes the utility company that implemented a highly successful CIS project during 2017-2018 based upon innovation, improved service levels, budget, schedule adherence and other considerations.

DC Water had been leveraging a nearly 20-year-old system, outsourcing business processes within the meter-to-cash cycle to VertexOne. To stay ahead of the evolving tide of consumer tastes and preferences, DC Water knew providing rich self-service features and state-of-the-art technology was critical. For a turnkey, modern CIS designed to meet these needs, the authority looked to VertexOne.

VertexOne has long been committed to delivering actionable utility solutions with as little downtime and budget overage as possible. To this effect, VertexOne and DC Water implemented the solutions in record time and on budget, with a 14% reduction in billing-related customer calls. The forecasted amount saved by implementing VertexOne is estimated at over $22 million. With respect to speed, from inception to go-live, this CIS project took just 12 months to fully implement. In an industry dominated by decades-long product life cycles, this figure is unprecedented.

VertexOne is proud to be recognized as an forward-thinking provider of utility solutions with a penchant for expanding excellence with our footprint in the space. With nearly 10 million end customers for over 30 electric, gas and water clients across North America, broadening our sphere of influence with projects like DC Water help us capture increased mindshare in our vertical.



To read more about this achievement, check out our press release here.