It’s no secret that the utility landscape looks vastly different than it did twenty, ten, and even as recently as five years ago. The most remarkable changes have been as a result of cloud transformation, something that enables Vertex to provide customers with intelligent, fully hosted and managed offerings. We’ve witnessed this digital shift from day one and saw a niche to fill with our solution offerings. We decided to develop a true cloud platform for our customers, but noticed some uncertainty in the market surrounding the cloud.

Cloud can mean different things to people in different industries. For utilities, we look at a curve of maturity for trends and developments which enables us to examine different product offerings that exist in the industry marketplace. By examining the differentiation points between providers, we can then map out our own roadmap for technological evolution. This means that we can keep some utility projects on premise while being able to provide broader scoped services like infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service.

Even with all of this shiny tech on the horizon, we understand that utilities must put some foundational customer needs first, like helping users easily understand their rates and billing, or how to open an account. Keeping these baseline elements top of mind is important as your technology offerings continue to evolve.

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When we built VertexOne, we wanted to take things one step further and build a truly business-integrated SaaS solution for a more hands-on customer experience. We realized this was especially crucial when looking at adding analytics capabilities and examining how the business operates while sharing this intelligence with agents.

Our goal has remained constant; to influence not only the behavior of the agents and employees in the utility interacting with customers, but also the customer’s experience with the provider. This aids us in creating behavior and cost profiles to drive down operational expenses. From a financial perspective, the ability to reduce costs and leverage a business-integrated SaaS is considerably cheaper than similar counterparts on the market.

Our video below, featuring CEO Andrew Jornod, provides further insight into how cloud has evolved into a revolutionary tool for utilities.



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