Through the decades VertexOne™ has maintained business continuity plans to ensure that people and processes would not be impacted by disruptions such as tornadoes/hurricanes, man-made emergencies, and epidemics. On an annual basis we review our business continuity plans by assessing the threats to our people, facilities, and processes. Next, we analyze the impact to the business and develop strategies to ensure we can continue to meet our commitments to our clients. With this intelligence in hand we develop business continuity plans and validate them by testing annually.


VertexOne has taken advantages of advancements in technology over the years to better enable our employees to serve our clients despite what the world may send our way. We update our plans, provide training, and tool sets to allow VertexOne to continue uninterrupted.


Enabled with secured laptops, secure remote access, and appropriate access privileges based upon an individual’s role and responsibility, VertexOne personnel can seamlessly perform their day to day duties to meet our commitments. We have implemented tools for video conferencing, chat, an enterprise social network portal, video recording and streaming, a web-based collaboration platform with unified communication, file synchronization and hosting services to enable the VertexOne workforce to work as a team from anywhere. Being an organization with a globally distributed workforce, we already have a portion of our staff working from home on a permanent basis, and we support flexible remote working arrangements even for staff that commonly work in our offices. These situations allow us to regularly test and validate our remote working capabilities, which are being put to great use in situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Things that have worked well for us include the ability to see colleague’s faces during video conference meetings, digital applications such as online whiteboard, planner, note taking, online document management, enterprise social network and calendar. Our IT support teams are well versed in supporting employees’ personal computers using remote desktop support software. We use SaaS training software to build and deploy training modules and job aids on any new systems deployed for our own use, which comes handy whenever we want to quickly communicate a new way of doing things across our entire workforce. Our enterprise social network portal is a great resource for employees to connect and get a sense of community with their work friends and team members, especially when in-person interactions are not feasible.


In the days to come, VertexOne is well prepared to deliver every day, meet our commitments, and allow our clients to succeed during these trying times.


In the next couple of weeks, VertexOne will go-live with a new CIS platform for a client, doing it all remotely with no interruptions due to the business continuity event.

VertexOne is committed to delivering for our clients.


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