Vertex has been faithfully serving the utility industry since 1996 with a goal to provide affordable, world-class customer experience solutions to utilities of all sizes. In doing so, we build and foster relationships with clients across North America, and provide decades-long service as a trusted utility partner.

One such legacy customer out of southwest Florida, Lee County, trusts Vertex to host and manage their customer information system on one of our legacy platforms, ECIS. Lee County recently implemented the Customer Advantage Self-Service portal to benefit from increased customer interactions on both mobile and web applications.

This has led to more customers paying bills online, thus increasing revenues for the utility in a timely manner with reduced operational downtime. Additionally, automated bill payment allowed for a vast decrease in manual service transactions to the tune of 16,000 per month for Lee County.

As utilities increasingly trend to automated payments, we continue to see a decrease in manual interactions as more customers look to mobile apps and online portals. This helps utilities with resource allocation by freeing up personnel that would’ve been used in call centers and repurposing them elsewhere them to create greater operational efficiencies.

To learn more on how we helped Lee County bolster its customer experience, watch our video below featuring Shannon Glen, Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategy.




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