VertexOne CIS Essentials™

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VertexOne CIS EssentialsTM

VertexOne CIS EssentialsTM is a robust, user-friendly and highly configurable Customer Information System (CIS) built from the ground-up on a stable infrastructure. Our platform has been refined for the unique needs of mid-sized utilities. The system offers a platform with seamless integration to additional systems including digital customer engagement, finance, mobile work management, GIS, asset, and more.  VertexOne CIS EssentialsTM is provided as an enhanced SaaS solution, which ensures regular access to enhancements for utilities and a predictable total cost of ownership.


Utility Benefits

Intuitive User Navigation

Provide your team a system that is easy and efficient to use that results in: 

  • Reduced call times 
  • Increased first call resolution 
  • High data integrity 

Managed Services

Allow your utility to focus on strategic business objectives with:  

  • 24x7 Help desk support 
  • Single point of contact 
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Hosting 

Technical and Functional Currency

Reduce your total cost of ownership and future-proof your system with:  

  • Annual product upgrades 
  • Regular maintenance  
  • Minimize interruptions 


Customer Benefits


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Faster issue resolution Minimize billing errors Superior customer experience Effective customer communication Enhanced personalization


By moving to a fully hosted and managed platform, we are able to expand functionality with additional VertexOne modules and agile services, quickly adapting to rapidly changing business demands.”
– Peter Cloutier, Lee County Utilities