Within our VXsmart Customer Portal, English and Spanish translations are available. With assistance from your team, payment pages, recommendations pages and other communication notifications can be sent with messages in English and Spanish languages (subject to space and character constraints). Language Translation within VXsmart, VertexOne

There are two main ways to localize your website to another language: human-translated content and machine-translated content. Human translation is common but the translation process takes a lot of time and requires some planning for how you structure your website data, or else you’ll end up building multiple versions of your website. Machine translation is more scalable, but sometimes results in incorrect translations.

Our Hybrid Approach

There is a third way, a hybrid approach we use within VXsmart which combines the precision of human translation with the scalability of machine translation. We utilize plugins that automatically translate our Customer Self-Service Portal and offer machine or human-translation for the content. This approach reduces the burden and the risk of localization considerably.

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